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Year of birth : 2010

Age : 5 years

Place of birth : Los Angeles, California, USA

Citizenship : United States

How to conquer America?

`Vintage Trouble` - modern American rock band, founded in 2010, the year. Group acts in a variety of styles, but the largest number of songs written in such genres as blues-rock, rhythm and blues, soul and blues.

It is necessary to hear the first chords of the songs `Vintage Trouble`, both in the same moment recall the golden years of rock `n ` roll and rock - 1960 and 1970 - when no song is not without melodic riffs ,long guitar solos and sinks into the soul of the text. However the participants `Vintage Trouble` born much later and brought his own taste in music on records ` The Rolling Stones`, `The Animals` and legendary Chuck Berry (Chuck Berry). Interestingly, the popularity of ` retro` not long in coming: even now ,after only three years after the foundation of the collective, in

`Vintage Trouble` already a huge number of fans - from ` starozhilov`, which resemble the sound of musicians of a bygone era, to teenagers, who found by chance in the attic of an old record player and his parents.

The group was founded in 2010 in Los Angeles ,California (Los Angeles, California). The two founders became good friends Ty Taylor (Ty Taylor), who became lead singer of the future team, and Nell Colt (Nalle Colt), which became the band`s guitarist. After a few rehearsals, the guys invited to a mutual friend`s band, drummer Richard Denielsona (Richard Danielson) and the familiar bassguitarist Rick Barrio Dill (Rick Barrio Dill). ` I knew all the participants, - said in an interview with Tay - we tried to play together so many times, but nothing came of it. But when we first got four, then something began to turn out, as if we were family, and each brought something of sebya`. Already in the first few months the band started giving live concerts in Los Angeles and in the small Californian festivals, imitating the sound of the distant groups of the 1960s. As recognized musicians, they are absolutely not trying to play the only way to cut off the other options, on the contrary ,musicians let the writing process take its course and tried in his songs capture all the best in the history of music. Just three days in the studio they recorded 12 songs for their first album `The Bomb Shelter Sessions`.

But unexpectedly, the participants have dramatically changed the plans, talk to your manager. Thus, he argued ,that ` Ameriku` can win only when the group has become famous elsewhere in Europe. Having traced the biography of the most famous musicians, we can conclude that in Europe alone group can gain fame thanks to his sound and talent to win the America then very easy - it happens by inertia. Suddenly, the group was invited to several concerts with the legendary `Bon Jovi`. After moving to the UK (United Kingdom) `Vintage Trouble` started giving live concerts, which drew the attention of a group of critics. The first real popularity came after a short speech broadcast popular TV show `Later. .. with Jools Holland`;Group 6 took place in the ranking of popularity on Twitter. Their album appeared on the 13 place in the ranking of popular albums `iTunes` service and took 5th place in the number of purchases in the shop ` Amazon UK`.

Concerts in England continued ;so in one of his speeches to the `Vintage Trouble` joined by a former member of the legendary group ` Queen`, Brian May (Brian May), shortly thereafter, the band shared the stage with Paul Stanley (Paul Stanley), participant `Kiss`.

Soon the band came to America, where they were, as predicted by the producer, well received by the public and critics. They gave several concerts with the famous English rock band `The Who`. Soon, the band returned to the UK, where they continued concert activity.

Over a relatively short time the band had a large crowd of fans, which was the naming of `Troublemakers`. As recognized by musicians and fans have done everything themselves ,and they could only give ` dobro` and ask fans to stay away from the real problems. ` That fans make us get up every day and do something. Without them, perhaps, there would be no nas` - told in an interview with the band.

Today, the group continues to give concerts, as well as working on her second studio album.

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