Viktor Perevalov

Picture of Viktor Perevalov

Date of Birth: 02/17/1949

Age: 61

Place of birth: Leningrad

Citizenship: Russia


Author: Sergey Kapkov

Website: Celebrities

Victor Porfirevich Perevalov actor. Born in Leningrad. In the movie - eight years. One of the most popular actors, children, co-starred in the films "Tambu-Lambo", "Sombrero", "Mary-mistress", "Republic SHKID", "old, old story." Out of a movie in 40 years.

Perhaps no one in the world has a boy starred in so many films as in his time, Viktor passes. Clearly the number of his name the youth role is difficult because, as an adult, Victor continued to play teenagers - so young looking. When the actor has passed for 40, he put an end to his kinobiografii.

Cinema for it began with a school trip to the Palace of Pioneers, when Perevalova was 7 years old. That day filmmakers with "Lenfilm" boys were looking for a picture "Tambu-Lambo". They liked that Viti white hair, but after the trial they put on his red wig. He worked selflessly Perevalov when it was brought from the shooting house, he lay on the bed, and from his nose in two streams gushing blood - against overheating and exhaustion.

A chubby baby with expressive eyes liked - and the audience, and filmmakers. Later, when Victor appeared in "Sombrero", "Mary-Weaver", "Baltic Sky", talking about the young talent of criticism, published a huge article "Soviet screen".

His film career was almost cut short in 1962. School authorities are categorically banned Perevalova removed. The reason for this was the systematic underachievement almost all subjects. On numerous offers studios had a refusal, so for 2 years it was forgotten. Then Victor came to cast itself department "Lenfilm", I tried to picture the "Republic SHKID". I had to start again, from scratch.

Among the most popular films with the participation of Victor Perevalova "Baltic Sky", "I loved you", "Old, Old Fairy Tale", "Gold". University acting for him began shooting area different kinostudiy.On studied, looking at Mikhail Kuznetsov, George Millyar, Constantine Adashevskogo.

After the army - again the studio shooting again, "Tavern on Pyatnitskaya", "Cases of bygone days", "With joy and courage," "No room for error," "Life director." In recognition of the actor, "nothing special, but the work on them was interesting." With age, the roles became fewer and fewer, and downtime - more and more.

2 years working in the subway at night, then - longshoremen at the store on Nevsky Prospekt. "Of the four stevedores teetotal - one I" - the actor recalls. I went to the Voronezh region to collect the apples, allowing earned on the machine. He worked at the plant for filling.

In 1991, 10 years after leaving the cinema, Alexander Knights called him the picture of Boris Galkin, "Game", where each performer was given the role of 2-3, 5 episodes. Passes played a minister, jerk and the old woman.

Actor`s work:

1. The city lights fires - 1958 (Kinopovest)

2. Mary-mistress - 1959 (Cartoon / Fairy Tale)

3. Sombrero - 1959 (lyrical comedy)

4. Baltic Sky - 1961 (Military)

5. The Republic SHKID - 1966 (Kinopovest)

6. A long and happy life - 1966 (Romance)

7. A long and happy life - 1966 (Romance)

8. Bracelet 2 - 1967 (Kinopovest)

9. I love you ... - 1967 ()

10. Pass to the non-combatant - 1968 ()

11. The old, old story - 1968 (musicals / musical)

12. Gold - 1969 (Military)

13. At the farthest point - 1970 (The dramatic story)

14. Allow me to take off! - 1972 (Kinopovest)

15. Cause of bygone days ... - 1972 (Detective)

16. Salty dog ??- 1973 (Kinopovest)

17. With joy and courage - 1974 (Kinopovest)

18. No room for error - 1975 (Detective)

19. The Adventures of Herbs - 1976 (Adventure)

20. The fact of the biography - 1976 (Drama)

21. And you will see the sky - 1978 ()

22. Tavern on Pyatnitskaya - 1978 (Detective)

23. Dangerous Age - 1981 (Drama)

24. Life Director - 1981 (Drama)