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Date of Birth: 08/25/1932

Age: 62

Place of birth: n Tikhonov.

Citizenship: Russia


The outstanding Russian scientist who enriched the world and national science with works of paramount importance, and made a great contribution to the development of Oceanology, hydrodynamic and hydroacoustic hydrophysics. The breadth of scientific interests allowed him to work creatively and to receive exceptional scientific achievements in other areas of modern Naki - geophysics and marine geology, hydrochemistry, nuclear physics and OE

He was a gifted organizer, made a significant contribution to the development of academic science in the Far East - from 1985 to 1990 headed the Presidium of the Far Eastern Scientific Center, USSR Academy of Sciences, later - the Far Eastern Branch of the USSR. From 1987 to 1990, he was elected vice-president of the USSR Academy of Sciences. The great merit of it in the development of Pacific Oceanology Institute of RAS, the director of which he was twenty years from 1974 to 1994.

IN AND. Il`ichev Tikhonov was born in the village of the Vladimir region. In 1955 he graduated from the goal of Radio Physics Faculty of Gorky State University. Rejecting the temptation to live in the capital, but was assigned to the Acoustics Institute, he traveled to Sukhumi marine research station, the Acoustics Institute branch. In 1961 he became the head of the station, which carried out extensive work on sonar and hydrophysics in the interests of defense of the USSR. It first appeared outstanding ability Viktor Ivanovich as the outstanding organizer of science and tireless researcher, where he began creating his scientific school. In May 1965, Viktor defended his thesis for the degree of candidate of physical and mathematical sciences, in April 1973, becoming a doctor of physical and mathematical sciences. Under his leadership, Sukhumi research station turns into a major research unit (now Hydrophysical Institute of Georgian Academy of Sciences).

In 1974, VI ??Il`ichev receives an invitation to head the newly organized in Vladivostok Pacific Oceanology Institute of the Far Eastern Scientific Center, USSR Academy of Sciences. During his work from a small institution has grown into a modern and diversified, one of the largest in the country and the world scientific institution of global significance. In its formation Viktor Ivanovich put his unique talent versatile scientist, organizer and rights. It emerged in all its breadth of his scientific ability, understanding of the complex issues related to the study and development of ocean resources. There he showed his amazing qualities of mind and a wise man able to unite the efforts of many people of various scientific and business interests.

Much attention VI Il`ichev paid education of young scientists. In 1976, his academic title of professor. Among his students dozens of doctors and dozens of candidates. He has published about 300 scientific works, including a number of monographs and books that have received international recognition.

Key research areas VI Ilicheva were associated with work on ocean acoustics studies of acoustic and hydrodynamic cavitation, the water environment perturbation field research bodies moving in a stratified flow. Much of his work was devoted to an integrated approach to the study of the ocean. In recent years, special interest Victor Ivanovich caused problems whose solutions require integrated approaches and knowledge of various areas of science, engineering and technology.

In 1976, Viktor Ivanovich Ilicheva elected a corresponding member of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR, and in 1981 - a full member (academician) of the USSR Academy of Sciences.

IN AND. Il`ichev led Oceanographic Commission of the RAS, Chairman of the Committee was "Marine Science" Pacific Science Association, a member of the Council on hydrophysics Russian Academy of Sciences, full member (academician) of the Russian Academy of Technological Sciences of the Russian Academy of Engineering Sciences and other academies.

Dry line official biography of the major figures of science, art, politics talk a lot of the professional ability, dedication and ability to achieve their goals. But they are much less talk about the human qualities that make an outstanding scientist of the exclusive rights. Many who knew quite Viktor Ivanovich (including enemies, which he, like all big personality and a born leader missing) indicated that VI Ilicheva rightfully be called a remarkable man. Good, on the nature (many thought even too soft). Academician VI Ilicheva when it came to work, he could be tough and demanding. I remember a case when one of the employees of the institute refused to carry out the necessary scheduled collaborate with colleagues from Moscow, referring to the personal animosity .. Vladimir Ilyich for a long time to convince him, but, having exhausted all peaceful arguments and obtaining consent, said harshly that his not interested in their personal relationship and if the joint work is not resumed, then tomorrow will be the order of dismissal from the Institute intractable. This argument Viktor Ivanovich, was very persuasive and collaborative work has been done.

Viktor had a wonderful flair for really smart and talented people, to those who could do something special for science. He did not divide people into friends and enemies. It is the ability to scientific creativity was decisive in his attitude toward people. Therefore the Pacific Oceanology Institute soon became a refuge for talented, though often conflict and persecuted researchers.

In Viktor Ivanovich others struck his ability to instantly switch from one discussion to another scientific problem, it is not related to the previous and the lies in another area. He knew what currently engaged and that each is capable of more than three hundred scientific staff of the Institute. Academician Il`ichev was a man who knew how talented friends. In his presence is always felt kakaya-to security and confidence. A wonderful companion, the soul of any company, and he died like a man who never cared about himself. Feeling bad, he waved from concerned pet: they say, will take place. Only at four o`clock in the morning called "ambulance", which took him to Vladivostok tysyachekoechnuyu hospital where doctors found abdominal aortic rupture. The disease, in which according to experts of salvation is given no more than twenty minutes. Fate decreed that he died on the 63 th year, at five o`clock in the morning September 1, 1994 in the prime of his creative and intellectual forces.

In accordance with the Decree of the Presidium of the Russian Academy of Sciences, number 303 of 23 November 1999 in order to perpetuate the memory of an outstanding scientist in the field of oceanography and underwater acoustics hydrophysics Ilicheva Academician Viktor Ivanovich Pacific Institute of Oceanology, Far East Branch Russian Academy of Sciences was named after Academician VI Ilicheva.

For students of the Far Eastern State Technical University established nominal scholarship named after Academician VI Ilicheva.

Within the walls of Pacific Oceanology Institute named after VI Ilicheva Museum FEB RAS Academician VI created memory Ilicheva.

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