Viktor Goncharenko

Picture of Viktor Goncharenko

Birthplace: Volgograd | grazhd | = Russia

Nationality: | mesto_r | = VolgogradskayaRossiya

Ide - fish of my dreams

Networks may be glorified in different ways - and often the glory that comes to the hero against his own will. In memory of the patrons of Internet forums and anonymous imageboard still alive the history of masks - a girl, put in a series of photographs of the network, which has been embodied the process of strangling the cat and skinning. Many remember Yuri Demidovich - in the qualifying competition of the next `Evrovideniya` this young Belarusian judges, he presented the delightful in his mystical number, a song about a magical forest rabbit. Someone, however, manage to become famous in another way; so it was with a young American Wayne Catherine (Catherine Wayne), better known on the web under the name `Boksi` (Boxxy) - she was able to become famous just three short monologues on a completely abstract subjects.

History Viktor Goncharenko Does not contain any satanic motifs or savoring the details of brutal killing of animals (conservationists last statement may challenge - the legendary `` yaaaaz meeting with Goncharenko did not survive, however, leave the debate about the ethics of fishing for another time); made him famous movie enchanted Runet incredible energy and zest for life that Victor had put in a very short story about the freshly caught fish.

`That`s all? Just a story about a fish `- ask someone. Yes, it sounds rather banal; the phenomenon of Goncharenko, however, is that it is told - and is exactly how it is said. Ide was not just a catch - Victor calls him not only as `` fish of my dreams!. Joy overwhelms Goncharenko head - and loudly shouting its praises catch all Yahrengskoe lake.

With high probability the previous paragraph did not clarified the phenomenon of `Yaazya`; well, that`s just the case that better to see once than hear a hundred times. See also glorified Goncharenko video easily - on all the popular video-hosting - like rutube, youtube or video sector `` VKontakte - `Yaaz` is instantaneous. We will come back to himself, Victor.

At the moment, Victor lives in district Verkhovazhye Vologda region; Fishing is one of his main hobbies. Once Goncharenko has worked in the police, but he is now retired. Hardly Viktor expected to speak about it the whole country; the success of video, however, exceeded all possible expectations.

Goncharenko not just become another internet meme; they are interested representatives of a number of television channels. Victor spoke to NTV and was lit in one of the editions of `Comedy Club`; pro ide movie parody in the `Big raznitse` and used as the basis for one of the channel TNT commercials. The peak of popularity Goncharenko at the moment should be called, perhaps, his participation in the contest `Golden Gramophone 2011` - that Victor was instructed to present the award to the winner of this year, a well-known pop singer Dima Bilan. Bilan, by the way, to participate in the project Goncharenko reacted quite painful - the singer is extremely angered by the fact that the premium it presents a complete unknown he retired from the Russian hinterland. Now the hype around the movie for the most part come to nothing; most likely 15 minutes of fame Viktor Goncharenko has passed - of course, if it does not please the public the new, even more impressive fish!