Viktor Golovachev

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Citizenship: Russia


He graduated from the Marine Corps officer in 1838, sailed into the Black Sea and the Baltic; in 1845 it was renamed from lieutenants to captains and staff-appointed professor of mathematics at the Moscow Cadet Corps.

In 1848 came the sickness to resign in 1852, he entered the Imperial Public Library with the renaming of the titular counselor; then he served on mininisterstvu yard, and left the service in 1860.

In 1868 he was appointed a translator in the scientific department of the Naval Technical Committee. It has long been working in "Sea collection" magazine, was appointed as an assistant editor in 1879. Produced in a State Councillor, in 1884, he resigned and went abroad.

In 1899 he returned to Russia and died in 1904

TruMnogoletnyaya Golovachev literary career has been devoted almost exclusively seamanship and mainly the fleet history. Peru it owns, among others, the following works in "Sea collection" and other periodical publications:

"The Normans in America";

"Military-to-ship business, is produced in the English ship in Portsmouth";

"Finnish Commerce and commercial fleet in 1863";

"The actions of the Russian fleet in the war with Sweden in 1788-90 years.";

"The history of Sevastopol, a Russian port";

"Chesma battle in its political and strategic situation, the Russian fleet in 1769";

"The significance of the fleet for Russia on the basis of history";

a series of essays on the Boer and the Russian-Japanese war in "Sea collection" and many others.