Viktor Barannikov

Picture of Viktor Barannikov

Date of Birth: 10/20/1940

Age: 54

Place of birth: Fedosevka

Citizenship: Russia


After leaving school he worked as a turner at the Yelabuga Mechanical Plant (1957-1961).

In 1961 he enlisted in the police district inspector, graduated from high school Yelabuga special police officers (1961-1963), the Sverdlovsk department of the Moscow Higher School of Ministry of Internal Affairs (1968). He worked as head of the police station, deputy chief of the district police department for operations. He was transferred to the central office of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the USSR, headed by the 7th Division of the Office of the fight against theft of socialist property of the USSR Ministry of Internal Affairs in charge of currency crimes and theft of precious metals and stones.

In June 1988, it aims to address the situation in Baku for the position of First Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs of Azerbaijan SSRS July 1990 - First Deputy Minister, September 1990 - The Minister of Internal Affairs of the RSFSR.

August 23, 1991 appointed Minister of Internal Affairs of the USSR, after the abolition of the Soviet Union 26 December 1991 - The Minister of Security and Internal Affairs of the RSFSR, on January 15, 1992 - General Director of the Federal Security Agency, to January 24, 1992 - The Minister of Safety Russian Federation. July 18, 1993 released by his office.

Member of the events of October 1993 of the Supreme Council of Russia. He has held the post of "shadow cabinet of the Minister of Security." October 4, 1993, was arrested on February 26, 1994 - released under the amnesty.

Died July 21, 1995 at his dacha by a stroke.