Picture of Viii

Date of Birth: 06/28/1491

Age: 55

Place of birth: Greenwich

Citizenship: United Kingdom

great and terrible lover

Amorous adventures have been one of the notable aspects of his life. Women change as gloves: with ease, without regret, how on fashion trends.

Maybe he drew himself conquest process, search and excitement of the fight? While some struggle between the king and his subjects? He orders - they are subject to. That foreign state - that is another matter. In 1537, the French ambassador at the court of Henry VIII received clear instructions - no means not promise "the English fiend" or one of the daughters of Francis I. But Henry proved to be stubborn and persistent. He had the audacity to come to the Embassy and invite the French princess to her to England to personally choose the bride! Ambassador retorted: "Perhaps, sir, you might want to try them one by one and keep the one you will find most enjoyable." Henry turned purple. Failure after failure came, laughing at the king wishing love his sarcastic laugh. Followed by France, Spain and Portugal refused to give him their princesses. Rumors that the King kills their wives, spread like a plague. Bluebeard probably nanny frightened little princesses as we have kids - Baba Yaga.

Bluebeard was married six times. Of course, in love, and if you do not love, then much sympathy. It`s not my fault that there were so many pretty girls.

The youngest son of Henry VII, he was not the heir to the throne. On all counts the throne had to take his older brother, Arthur, who was married to Princess Catherine of Aragon. Lucky Henry Arthur`s sudden death. To him went and power over the state, and the beautiful wife of his brother.

In the early years, Henry received a good education, was gifted, possessed strong character, was purposeful. He was not thirsty military glory, busting the country, preferring to solve inter-state issues by diplomatic means.

His wife, for each of which there was a certain political or religious group, often forced to make changes in their political or religious priorities.

In 1524, in the retinue of Catherine of Aragon, which is already rather tired of the king, the monarch noticed a new pretty face. It was Anne Boleyn - the daughter of one of the dignitaries of the King, Earl Thomas Boleyn. Longing for love, the monarch "fuse", and the fate of the girl has been solved. Engagement with former fiance Lord Percy is broken, and began preparations for a new marriage.

However, it was another "small" obstacle - the wife. Henry has long been oppressed by Katerina even their common daughter Maria not excited his paternal feelings. The decision on the dissolution of a marriage could only give the head of the Catholic Church in Rome. Without waiting for a positive response, languishing with desire as soon as possible to marry Henry VIII in 1530 collects the Parliament, which takes a number of bills that would exempt the English Church from the domination of Rome and announces the English king supreme head of the Church of England. Primate of the new church terminates the protracted marriage of Catherine of Aragon and Henry VIII.

In 1533, Henry is married to Anne Boleyn, in September, they have a daughter, Elizabeth. So, this passion has cost the king break with Rome, the elimination of Catholicism and its institutions in the country and the cooling of relations with Spain.

But "it was love - wilted tomatoes," and we`ll plant a new garden. Just two years lasted royal love for Anne Boleyn.

The suite spouse Henry meets a new object of adoration for - Jane Saymur. Owning it became his goal for the near future. Wife as luck does not allow divorce, it is worse. You have to understand that the heart can not command. King finds a way to gain freedom. If you do not disperse, then "remove" (in modern parlance criminal elements). The most convenient pretext - infidelity. And the "well-wishers", always ready to help the beloved king, begin to look for "evidence". On one of the balls Queen drops the glove. It raises and returns it to the owner in love with Henry Norris. "Watchful eye" took note. The ease in communicating with his brother, Lord Rochefort, gives a pretext for accusations of incest. I noticed a few nobles, in love with the queen. One of them, Smitoks for "modest fee" made a promise to testify about infidelity.

May 15, 1536 Anne was beheaded. Her daughter, as well as Maria, deprived of the right to inherit the throne.

The next day, the newly crowned widow Jane Saymur. But it, too, was waiting for a savory life. Two days suffered in childbirth young queen. We had to choose - the mother or the child. The doctors, knowing the explosive nature of the Emperor, afraid to even hint about it. "Save the child. Women can I get as much as anything "- was decisive and calm response.

The king is not very proud of their favorite women. They are also around - like flowers in a field. Just choose (and conquer).

In Europe, the monarch, in cold blood to get rid of their wives, began to be afraid of.

But his wife remained fourth, probably in the best position. Anna, daughter of Duke John of Cleves - ugly, that does not even know what to do on their wedding night. Throughout the marriage with Henry, it was sure to perform the conjugal duty - means to take by the hand and say goodnight.

This couple found a king Protestant party led by the favorite and first minister of King Thomas Cromwell. In 1539, Henry VIII for portrait met his "beloved". Portrait of a cool stirred up the heart of the 48-year-old monarch. The original is very disappointed. "Where did you find it stuffed? Immediately send it back! "- Angry he Cromwell. "That`s impossible, Your Majesty! If you break the marriage agreement, Europe can declare war on England, "and Henry accepted. However, the conjugal duty, he could not fulfill. Anna on the night of hair smeared with egg yolk. The first night he was rotten and spreading an unbearable smell. King could not bear this.

Divorce was surprisingly calm. Anne, judging all sensible and sort through all the "pros" and "cons", gathered the Privy Council to give a response to the proposal for a divorce. As a result, she became the owner of luxury castles and an annual pension of 4000 pounds.

19-year-old Catherine Howard, the new mistress and wife of Henry, long has held in its "post." Temperamental beauty, she had many lovers before marriage and did not give up that pleasure after, paid the price for that head.

The sixth wife of Henry - Catherine Parr, the daughter of a baronet, the elderly widow of Lord Neville, then Baron Latimer. Smart and energetic, she skillfully neutralizes the twine against her court intrigues. Despite the efforts of suspicious wife, Katerina throughout all four years of living together does not give him a reason for complaint and in 1547 became a widow for the third time ...

Perhaps Henry VIII was not so wicked as he is painted? Just a very amorous? A love and passion is known to come and go.