Victoria Butenko

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Citizenship: United States

green cocktail creator

Butenko teaches at the University of Southern Oregon (Southern Oregon University), which conducts classes on the raw food diet and teaches methods of natural healing of the body. Her lectures in demand all over the world, so Victoria often goes beyond Ashland (Ashland), which lives in the present, and traveling to different countries.

She performs with the program and selects for its students a variety of local herbs. Of herbs, vegetables and fruits Butenko produces nutritious green cocktails - a real health drink. All his research and achievements of Victoria is divided into lectures, on websites and in their books. Her book `Green for zhizni` ( `Green for Life`), translated into 24 languages, became an international bestseller.

Butenko said that all the animals in the world in one form or another eat greens. Even polar bears without the green grass under their feet, find sposobpopolnit your diet greens - and feed on algae. Pets, dogs and cats, in particular, during a walk often appetite knead green grass. But this is the case with people?

Anthropological studies have shown that long green was almost a key source of food. However, about 180 years, with the advent of the Industrial Revolution, the love of greenery gradually come to naught. The man introduced new technologies become canned food, was able to start the process of production of refined sugar and white flour. Victoria is confident that all this progress has superseded natural foods from the diet, such as greens, vegetables and fruits. The man literally fell into dependence on food boiled and drowned out the voice of his body. This turn has opened a new milestone in human history, and many data show that about 180 years ago, began to increase the number of degenerative diseases in countries where progress has behaved violently.

Victoria notes that the vocabulary of items virtually evaporated word `zelenschik` who called Seller greenery. Past generations, drink plenty of greenery, has replaced the current, for which itself greens rather became an ornament rather than a source of nutrients. Fighting for something to bring back the lost knowledge of the inestimable benefits of greenery, today Butenko puts information about the qualities of green on your website.

For many years, Victoria from different points of view highlights the issue of healthy eating. She spent all kinds of experiments, one of which opened a secret of how to make the process of assimilation of fruits, vegetables and herbs enjoyable. Butenko invented the green smoothie, the benefit of which is felt instantly. Pleasant taste, consistency, all possible combinations - all this made Victoria drink popular throughout the world.

To prepare the miracle drink does not require special skills. However Butenko advises using a blender with a capacity of 1000 watts. This will have a green smoothie a nice creamy consistency to interest both adults and children. The very same green nutrient mixture is quite unusual, but, as we know, this color has a calming effect.

When Butenko came to Russia (Russian), she noted that green varieties in our land is not as much as we would like. In winter, she buys lettuce `romano`, oak lettuce, parsley, spinach, etc. Summer green vitamins replenish much easier. Staying for a while in Moscow (Moscow), Victoria especially likes to collect and eat nettles, goutweed, plantain, dandelion, and many others Every day, she prepares herself for about two liters of green cocktail.