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Birthday : 6/12/1977, the

Age: 38 years

Place of birth : San Francisco, California, USA

Citizenship : United StatesThe most famous lingerie brand in the world

`Victoria`s Secret` - the largest US chain selling lingerie. In 2012, the company`s sales exceeded 6.12 billion dollars. The company sells lingerie, clothing, accessories and beauty products through catalogs (sending out 375 million catalogs per year), Internetstore and specialty shops. Company headquarters are located in Columbus, Ohio (Columbus, Ohio).

The company was founded June 12, 1977 in San Francisco, California (San Francisco, California), a graduate of Tufts University and Stanford Raymond Roy (Roy Raymond) and his wife Gay (Gaye Raymond). During the eight years before Raymond went to the department store,to buy his wife a beautiful set of clothes and totally confused there. He was surrounded by stands with terry bathrobes and ugly nylon nightie, and none of the sellers did not rush to help the confused customer.

In the `70s and` 80s, most American women content with simple, functional underwear ,and beautiful lingerie was reserved for special occasions such as a honeymoon. Provocative lace panties and push- ups in general occupies a special niche in the minds of buyers, somewhere near the feather boa and outfits for strippers. Raymond for a long time studying the American underwear market and how the situation was in other countries,then it took 40 000 dollars from their parents and took the same amount in the bank, and that was the beginning of `Victoria`s Secret` - with the money he opened the first store, designed to ensure that men feel comfortable in the female realm.

In the first year of the new enterprise has brought half a million - enoughto increase the number of stores and organize the sale of catalogs - by 1982 sale catalogs brought the company 55 % of income - and it was already 3.85 million per year. However, despite the high returns, to break stereotype Raymond failed, and his company is still considered one of the niche players in the market,whose product is more suitable for burlesque than everyday wardrobe of ordinary women. In addition, the rate of male audience in the world, which became more and more self- employed women was clearly unprofitable. Things were getting worse, and `Victoria`s Secret` straight path heading for bankruptcy.

The situation changed in 1982 ,when Raymond sold `Victoria`s Secret` (6 stores and trade catalogs) Leksli Wexner (Leslie Wexner) of ` Limited Stores Inc.`, just a million dollars. It was a Wexner turned moribund company into a prosperous company with a turnover of a billion and a worldwide reputation. The first thing a businessman from Ohio got rid of the wrong ,in his view, an ideology - `Victoria`s Secret` selling lingerie, hence, it was necessary to count on the female audience. Linen was not less beautiful or sexy, but marketing has changed - now buyers have promised sensual European luxury combined with good taste and impeccable style. The trick worked - five years from the date of purchase 6 shops transformed into 346 luxury boutiques with perfectly trained staff, in which each customer has felt like a queen.

However, the final `Victoria`s Secret` confirmed its status of high quality underwear manufacturer only with the beginning of the new century ,when the power company came a woman - it `s just managed to get rid of the taste in the Playboy brand directories. At the same time changed its appearance and shops of the company - in its interior there is nothing left from the brothel Victorian aptly joked detractors.

By 2006, the number of stores has exceeded a thousand ,and lingerie has evolved from a theme, which is not said in quite an ordinary accessory in a decent society.

Since 1995, the company holds its Victoria`s Secret Fashion Show, which aired on television, and that is inextricably linked such a thing as angels `Victoria`s Secret` - famous model ,exhibiting at shows underwear company. They usually come with wings behind the back, hence the name. In other words, the officials of the brand. Among current and former ` angelov` - Tyra Banks (Tyra Banks), Laetitia Casta (Laetitia Casta), Claudia Schiffer (Claudia Schiffer), Adriana Lima (Adriana Lima), and many others. Among the Hollywood celebrities, there are many beautiful women who wanted to act as honorary ` angela` at Victoria`s Secret Fashion Show, but the company always refuses them. The official reason - the lack of growth, even in high heels.

And yet, that is the name of the company that is behind Victoria,and what a secret she keeps ? One version has it that the founders of the company had in mind the British Queen Victoria, who for so long rule of his country, which has remained in the memory of the majority only as an overweight middle-aged woman in eternal mourning. However, when-she was blossoming young woman, and gave birth to her beloved husband as much as nine children. How is it caused him such an enduring desire of what happened behind the doors of their bedrooms - this is the secret of Victoria.

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