Victor Istrin

Picture of Victor Istrin

Date of Birth: 11/23/1906

Age: 60

Place of birth: Warsaw

Citizenship: Russia


He graduated in 1931 the Faculty of Literature and Art, Moscow State University. PhD thesis was devoted to standardization in the field of publishing and printing industry (paper and print media). In 1931-65 he headed the laboratory of the All-Union Scientific Research Institute of the printing industry. Since 1934, together with the scientific work involved in teaching activities. In 1965-67 he headed the department of books and bibliographies in the Moscow printing institute.Trud "The emergence and development of writing" generalized known to his time writing information about the development. Istrin views on the development of writing had much in common with the views IE Gelb. In this work, as well as more detail in the book "1100 Years Slavonic alphabet" Istrin, based on the analysis of a large number of historical monuments, systematically expounded the hypothesis that Cyril and Methodius were the authors not Glagolitic and Cyrillic (currently this view accepted among most istorikovslavyanskoy writing, although he Istrin expressed doubt it). In addition, in the same work Istrin conducted a critical analysis of all the known information about the so-called "Slavic runes" (supposedly existed dokirillovskoy writing) and concluded that it was unlikely their suschestvovaniya.1100 years Slavic alphabet VA Istrin