Victor Grossman

Picture of Victor Grossman

Date of Birth: 09/27/1887

Age: 91

Place of birth: Batumi

Citizenship: Russia


Literature became engaged in 1905, the highest recommendation of VG Korolenko. The son of a barrister. He graduated from Odessa High School, received an excellent education in law at the University of Leipzig and the Sorbonne. Until 1926 he practiced law and political activity in Moscow. Even before the revolution, he was a member of the Moscow Duma from the Socialist-Revolutionary Party. After the revolution in his personal file was a note: "Suitable for a class of higher positions in the state." He worked in the Workers` and Peasants Inspection, was the representative of the People`s Commissariat for Nationalities.

Particularly fond of the study of Pushkin. He was a scientific editor of the book VV Veresaeva "Satellites Pushkin." He is the preface to this literary research. In the 1920s-1930s, he worked in the Moscow Art Theater zavlitom. His play "Dubrovsky" ( "Art", 1937), written by Pushkin`s story, was in many theaters of the country.

In response to the book by Leonid Grossman`s "Crime Sukhovo-Kobylin" Victor Grossman wrote in 1936 book "The Case Sukhovo-Kobylin" (Moscow, State Publishing House "Fiction"), in which he defended the good name of the writer, proving his innocence in the murder of Louise Simon -Demansh.

He was arrested in total spent in the camps more than fifteen years (1938-1946, 1948-1955). The Gulag conceived novel about Pushkin "Arion", who wrote after the liberation. The novel was published in 1966 (Moscow, publishing house "Soviet writer"), translated into Czech, published in France. The novel "After the uprising" after the rehabilitation of the author written in Vologda in 1967 and published in the "North-West publishing company" in Arkhangelsk. After his release, the writer settled in Vologda, where and was arrested again. He returned again in Vologda, was reinstated in the Writers `Union, he was one of the founding fathers of the Vologda Writers` Organization. He taught in the Vologda Pedagogical Institute.

In 1966, published in the "North" magazine chapter of his memoirs, "The past days". After the death of the writer remained unpublished essays and a series of "Sketches on Pushkin", some of which - a chapter erased editors of books manuscripts, probably for reasons of censorship. The Commission was created by the literary heritage of V. Grossman, but for various reasons it failed to bring to the reader`s unreleased material. Part of the manuscript was lost. Twenty-four years after his death, Isaac Abramovich Podolny, Vologda Pedagogical University professor, has published the first two of his sketches as miniknizhki with brilliant illustrations of Honored Artist of Russia Mikhail Kopyov. All small circulation in the deluxe version designed the wonderful wizard Vologzhanin Vladimir Bogachev. The book includes the author`s family transferred two previously unpublished things: "The Jewish priest`s wife" and "Honorary Academician".