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Famous American actor, in the past - a favorite of the public. At one time it was quite famous, as, indeed, and the performance of the role. Victor Argo featured role - mostly battered him the role of " bad guys " that he embodied with extraordinary virtuosity.

Victor Argo was born in New York (Brooklyn) - November 5, 1934. His parents were originally from Puerto Rico. They always want a better life for her son and dreamed that when-something he would achieve a lot in life.

From early childhood, Victor drew the mysterious world of art. He liked the theater and cinema. Soon Argo seriously thought about acting. He started his own career around in the sixties of the last century. Then he took part in various theatrical performances ,as well as various artistic movements of the (at that time, for example, Victor was familiar with Yoko Ono and their cooperation has played a great importance in the development of thinking of the future actor) .

To act in films, Victor started in the seventies of the last century. His creative nature warehouse allows novice actor to work in full force and productive. However, since the first days of his own acting career, Victor was in the framework of roles, of which have failed to completely escape. He actively appeared in various films, playing hard, sometimes stubborn characters. This in no way detracts from the merits of the actor, on the contrary, gave him the image of brutality (so attractive for the majority of fans of the actor) .

In total, Victor Argo actor played in the 75 -minute films and more than twenty times appeared on television - in various projects. Undoubtedly, he was loved ,and was the idol for a large part of the audience.

Despite such creative activities, Viktor at all times ill Theatre - this theater play. At the same time, he admitted to himself and others shortly before his death. Perhaps he could become a great theater actor, I had once gone another way. In his later years, Victor Argo was suffering from an incurable disease - lung cancer. Evil disease killed an actor - he died from complications of the disease on April 7, 2004, in New York.

Many fans of the film and television remember Victor Argo, his image and manner of execution

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