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He graduated from the Institute of Fashion and Technology (Fashion Institute of Technology) in 1987.

Victor Alfaro was born on May 26 1963 in Chihuahua, Mexico (Chihuahua, Mexico). He immigrated to the US in 1981. Alfaro studied at the University of Texas (University of Texas). He graduated from the Institute of Fashion and Technology (Fashion Institute of Technology) in 1987. In late 1980, Victor was the assistant Mary Ann Restivo (Mary Ann Restivo), and in 1990 he worked with Joseph Abboud (Joseph Abboud). He opened his own business in the early 1990s. For his efforts, Alfaro won several awards, including prizes in the category ` New dizayn`, ` Best Designer Latin Ameriki`, ` New American talant` etc.. By its 30th anniversary Alfaro has been recognized as one of the leading designers in the United States.

His cocktail and evening dresses are equally simple and explicit sex. Bridget Foley (Bridget Foley) wrote about him in the magazine `W` article in March of 1994 : ` Victor Alfaro could be the next great designer evening dresses in New Yorke`. In general, shifting the focus to the ostentatious celebration of the human body, Alfaro took on some risk. In connection with this approach, some call Alfaro American alli (Alaia).

When the star layer only to look closely to him ,he openly flirted with the audience and attracted attention vulgar appearance Francesca Skavullo (Francesco Scavullo), which appeared on the cover of `Cosmopolitan` in his attire. Later, however, his collection became more natural, however, without losing the element of deliberate seductive sensuality. Alfaro especially pleased - postfeministkam women who in 1990 chased individuality and new features. However, the woman had to be really confident to wear it seductive enough and open dress of the most luxurious fabrics. His clothes are not for the timid, but at the same time and not for the dancers of kakogo-a variety show in Las Vegas (Las Vegas). Short skirts, bare shoulders, lace, leather and transparent fabrics - all this smacks of a fetish, but mysteriously Alfaro ` balances on grani`, always following your unique sense of style. Singer Mariah Carey (Mariah Carey), clearly noticing style Alfaro said ,that his ` clothes - there zhestkost`. And this tough streak in style, designed to identify strong spirit of women.

In 1996, the magazine `Women`s Wear Daily` called his new collection ` luchshey` most of his career. In the same year he designed a clothing line, using materials of the company `Mohl Furs`.

He demonstrated colored ink palto-jacket from karakulcha, leather trench coat and wool camel, lined with fur mink. And yet, in spite of his talent and popularity, Alfaro was forced to seek financial support. He concluded a licensing agreement with Italian manufacturer `Gilmar` in 1998 ,It is allowing him to become more involved in the production of their clothing and take a proper place in the European fashion scene.

His first collection under an agreement with the company `Gilmar` was well received. Alfaro joined Milan chic with American sports style. He claimeddo not be too frank collection originated with the idea of ` hippi` rich, but in the end, the new work is in no way was connected with the revival of counterculture. However, this time the creation Alfaro gave a free cut, which can not be found in any of the previous experience of the designer, and yet,not wanting to change its unique and sensual style, Alfaro used as a final touch sandals with rabbit fur.

Even now, as some critics have ceased to consider Victor disturber of the order in the fashion world, it is still successfully continued to wear women aspiring to ever greater independence

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Victor Alfaro photo
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