Vicktor Polishuk

Picture of Vicktor Polishuk

Date of Birth: 07/13/1938

Age: 78

Place of birth: Moscow


Born July 13, 1938 in Moscow. The father - Abram L. Polishchuk (1909-1967). Mother - Polishchuk (Rosenbaum) Esther Mironovna (1907-1988). Wife - Polishchuk (Tokarev) Natalya Stepanovna (1949 born.) Graduated from the Institute of Foreign Languages, worked in the "Foreign Trade". Sons: Polishchuk Alexey Viktorovich (. Born in 1975) graduated from the California Institute of Technology and the Faculty of Physics of Moscow State University named after MV Lomonosov Moscow State University, Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, working in the department of financial analysts the company