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In August 1979, Jeff Thorpe moved from Hawaii to California, where he intended to launch a music career and put together a band. Picking up several musicians, he began with club performances under the guise of "Vicious rumors".The first significant appearance of the group in public was her performance at the "Metal Monday" in the same cage with "Metallica", "Motley crue" and "Exodus". In the early 80`s "Vicious rumors" could shove on vinyl three of his compositions, got on various compilations. Due to this fact, in 1984 the label "Shrapnel records" musicians offered a contract to release a pair of albums. The first record was released in 1986 and was accepted well, especially in Europe.

For example, in the Netherlands and Germany "Soldiers of the Night" was named the best metal album of the month. By the time the composition is relatively ustakanilsya and was as follows : Gary St. Pierre (vocals) , Geoff Thorpe (guitar) , Vinnie Moore (guitar) , Dave Starr (bass) and Larry Howe (drums) . However, at the end of sessions, it appeared that Moore does not agree with the chosen musical direction, and so threw the team.Vicious rumorsStarr recommend Thorpe to take his place his friend Mark McGee, and at the same time advised to change the vocalist on another of his friend Charles Albert. The Council was successful and the two musicians stayed in the group for almost eight years. Album "Digital Dictator" led the team to the world stage ,and in support of his team made the first tour. When the term of the contract with "Shrapnel" expired group interested in the majors. After receiving a contract from the "Atlantic" "Vicious rumors" debuted it with a self-titled album. After another visit to Europe, the first full American tour.

Over the next studio work ,error status: 400While the group waited patiently for the healing of their leader, the guys at " The Atlantic " broke the contract and "Vicious rumors" were left " roof. "

Vicious rumorsOchuhavshiysya Jeff took the reins into their own hands and signed to the German "Rising Sun Records". After amerkanskogo Tour 1993 Starr left the team, and he was replaced by Tommy Sisco. 1994 The year proved to be fruitful for the band - the album`s release, one American and two European tour. In 1995, McGee planned to pursue a solo career, while the remaining four was launching a new album and decided to make the sound heavier and poagressivnee. A significant role in the creation of this CD played Carl ,wrote a lot of material for it. Unfortunately, he was not destined to see the fruits of their labor, as April 22, 1995 he died.

The remaining musicians with the help of guitarist Steve Smith finished the record and published it as a "Tribute to Carl Albert". New vocalist found only in 1997 ,and before the arrival of Brian O`Connor these duties performed Thorpe. In this configuration, the band released the album "CyberChrist" and held a very successful tour in company with "Blind guardian". However, after this operation "Vicious rumors" abruptly came to naught, and Jeff Thorpe returned only in 2001 with a radically renewed composition.

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