Vera Mareckaya

Picture of Vera Mareckaya

Date of Birth: 07/31/1906

Age: 72

Place of birth: a. Barvikha

Myth of good fortune

Author: George Bakhtar

Website: Celebrities

We met with Vera Petrovna Maretskaya accidentally. I worked in Mosconcert, and suddenly one day I was offered to go with her on tour. Naturally, I accepted with great joy. We worked together for three years, has traveled almost the entire country, were in Bulgaria, and Hungary, and Czechoslovakia ... At first I just led her performance, then began to play along in the play - its permanent partner Rostislav Plyatt been very busy repertoire and is not always able to go on tour. I replaced him in scenes from "enemies" and "Lady ministershi".

Vera to work earnestly treated, did not spare himself or me. Only will play a scene from the "enemy", sit in the car to drive to the next gig, she says: "Let`s repeat the text." I`m trying to make excuses, "Vera Petrovna, we`ve just played with you, know everything by heart Why do we need to repeat it.?" - "Oh, you`re a kind of a bummer, no, let`s repeat!" And we`re in the car began to rehearse.

For all its popularity, it was quite nekichliva, but the price itself, of course, knew. Once we arrived at the headquarters of the command of our troops in Germany. Before the performance - a meeting with the command of General in the office, the chief officers of the House. There is small talk, they ask how we settled report that we attach to a special store where we can buy everything you need. Suddenly Vera interested: "I heard that you just have a small shop, which sells every fancy, and there organza". I have no idea what this mysterious word (now I know it`s some kind of ladies jewelery) ... The generals are confused, because they also did not understand what was going on, but just in case, nod and say, that may be, it is in the Voentorg. When we left, I blamed the actress: "Vera, what did you have such large ranks of some organza ask inconvenient same.". And she says to me: "Just think, the generals I have something in my profession, Marshal, and they are - only the generals beheaded Georgy Yul`evich!.?" And I "us