Vera Karpova

Picture of Vera Karpova

Date of Birth: 06/02/1933

Age: 83

Place of birth: Leningrad

Citizenship: Russia

Vera Karpova

Author: Tatiana Ananyina

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Vera A. Karpov, the actress. She graduated from the Theater School. E.V.Schukina. He worked in the theater comedy. People`s Artist of Russia. In 1956, after graduating from college im.Schukina, Vera Alexandrovna was invited to the troupe Comedy Akimov. And her first role in the sensational play Betty G.M.Kozintseva "dangerous turn" showed that the "star" troupe has another outstanding actor`s personality, has a natural, charm, ease and humor.

Since then, the actress has played more than sixty roles. Among them were touching and charming heroine - Maroussia in the "Story of a young couple" E.Shvartsa, Sasha in the play "Do not make yourself an idol" A. Faiko, Lisa in "Leo Gurych Sinichkina" D.Lenskogo and A.Bondi. With unique brilliance played Vera Alexandrovna capricious prude Marya Antonovna in Gogol`s "Inspector". And, of course, can not ignore its Annunziata in "Shadows" E.Shvartsa. 1940 Annunziata Irina Goshev was fragile "Thumbelina" in need of protection from the rough, deceitful world around. In 1960, the heroine Vera Karpova appeared before the audience, "the little robber", a rebel, the daughter of the man-eater, first fell in love with this honest, solid and virile man. This role has had a serious impact on the fate of the play as a whole. Subsequently renewed version of "Shadows" is another character bears the features laid down once Vera Alexandrovna.

Inimitable actress and character roles. Her grandmother Fenya in the "investigation" S.Lobozerova, Paul Teplyashina in "character" V.Shukshina, Akimovna in the play "Good, good, good" V.Belova always caused an explosion of applause in the auditorium.

In the current repertoire of the actress playing the role of Asi in the play "The blue sky and clouds in it" V.Arro, strange, somewhat eccentric Minnie in the "man of her life" S.Bermana, cunning and good drinkers Theon in the play "Not all cat Shrovetide" A .Ostrovskogo.

In each role Vera Alexandrovna invests part of its good and wise soul, perfect acting, masterly genre. Each role is subjected to severe psychological elaboration, the search for new artistic techniques, colors. And each role played by the actress eternally grateful. This very special feature of her character. In general, the entire career of Vera Alexandrovna Karpova could be called as the name of the last performance of the theater, in which she plays a major role, "Roads of Love". Not thinking ourselves out of stage scaffolding, fragile but strong in spirit, her character loves life and patiently endured hardships, happiness rises to the top and falls into the maelstrom of grief and betrayal, but revived. And always with a smile, always ...