Picture of Vasishtha

Citizenship: India


The hymns of the seventh mandala "Rig Veda" (which he attributed) V. drawn other gods, and above all - Varuna, receiving him in his home, showing him day and night, who takes with him to the ship. In the Indian tradition V. is ideal Brahmin; he egopotomki, who formed a powerful Vasistha clan, considered the home of the Kings by the priests of the Solar Dynasty. According to the "Vishnu Purana", the wife of B. has Urja, the daughter of Daksha. Other sources call his wife B. Arundhati.

II. Indian astronomer and astrologer in the III. BC, the author not reached our days, but preserved in the presentation Varahamihira astronomy textbook "Vasishta Siddhanta" (written before 270 AD). A number of Indian authors identified V. with sage mentioned in the Vedas (see. Vasistha (I)), and this fact put forward as an argument in favor of the Indian astrology originated in the time of the mythical antiquity. There is another astrological work in which the artist appears the name V. - "Vasishta Samhita", but it was written much later, her oldest manuscript is dated 1443 g