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Date of Birth: 07/19/1935

Age: 81

Place of birth: Moscow

Citizenship: Russia

Vasily Livanov: Cavalier and a gentleman

Born July 19, 1935 in Moscow. Father - Boris Livanov (1904-1972). Mother - Livanov Kazimirovna Eugenia (1907-1978). Wife - Elena Artemevna Livanov (1949 born.). Daughter - Anastasia V. Livanov (1963 born.). Sons: Boris Livanov (1974 born.), Lebanon Nikolai (1984 born.). He has three grandchildren.

Vasily Livanov - a wonderful and truly favorite actor, director, screenwriter, actor worthy successor of the glorious dynasty. His grandfather, Nikolai Livanov (Isvolsky stage name), was an actor first provincial and then the capital of theater. Special recognition from the public, he earned the role of Sergei Zheleznova in the play "Vassa Zheleznov" Theater of the Lenin Komsomol.

As you know, in every joke there is some truth. When asked what he had created out of the theater for he considers the best, Lebanon-Isvolsky replied: "Boris." Father Basil, Boris Livanov, - outstanding actor, who played about 40 roles in the Moscow Art Theatre and 30 - in the movies. In his portrait, a gift from a friend, the poet Boris Pasternak made the inscription: ". Thank you for the years spent together From you always wafted alluring, sophisticated, dramatic spirit art thou was his spokesman and the embodiment.".

Livanov houses were regulars Katchalov, Pasternak, Dovzhenko, Cherkasov, Tarhanov, Konchalovsky. There does not seem to know no such thing as "gray days": conversations about art and life intertwined with poems, jokes, arguments, often dragged past midnight. At the same time no one sent a small Vasya`s bedroom - the guests were people of a rich soul, able to understand and respect the child`s interest in what is happening.

Vasily studied in a boys` school number 170, where over the years obtained knowledge of many talented people: Gennady Gladkov, Andrei Mironov, Eduard Radzinsky and others. In class he was loved for his ability to draw well (especially the success enjoyed caricatures of teachers) and the ability to come up with all sorts of funny antics. For example, one day, once in the board, he was slowly sit up on his toes inside the boots and, while continuing to respond as if nothing had happened, "grew up" on the whole head. Class in such cases, of course, I am dying of laughter, but very rarely get Livanov for such pranks: he studied fine.

Since childhood, Basil overwhelmed dreams, not directly related to the acting profession: he wanted to be a traveler, a trainer, a doctor, a cavalryman. At some happy moment, he realized that the other possibility to realize all these desires, but to become an actor, he has not.

In 1950-54 years Vasily Livanov is studying at the Moscow Art School and after it enters the Theatre School named after BV Shchukin. In addition to mastering the subtleties of acting here, he tried his hand at directing - fakes and puts on a studio stage "Three fatties" Olesha (diploma work) and he himself is engaged in design performance. Music was one Livanov writes Gennady Gladkov, in the recent past - a classmate and neighbor on the school desk, and in the future - a wonderful composer, co-author V. Livanov many works in film, theater and animation.

After graduating from the Shchukin School in 1958, Vasily became an actor at the Vakhtangov Theater. However, Livanov affair with Melpomene did not work out and did not bring fruit: passionate muse of cinema, he did not play any role on the stage. Goodbye to the theater, V. Livanov confident debut Mikhail Kalatozov in "Unsent Letter" ( "Mosfilm", 1959).

Year 1959 th - an appearance on the silver screen a new character: the then criticism okrestilaego "nervous, keen sense of the young intellectual". Andrew, paintings of the hero by Livanov, can rightly be regarded as the embodiment of the spirit begins to "thaw": viewers saw on the screen of a contemporary, who aspires to the knowledge and understanding of what is happening around, who wants to decide their destiny and able to act.

On the Rights of the remark to add that at this time is very important "acquisition" Livanov - the unique timbre of his voice: the fact that for greater reliability Michael K. Kalatozov offered voice winter scene "unsent letter" on the street in the 40-degree cold. nothing good came of undertaking: the strong gusts of wind made a terrible noise, the actors tried to drown him, and eventually to the film has turned marriage. Livanov altogether lost his voice, which was restored a few days later - but in his current sound. It took some time before the first upset the young actor realized what advantages this gives him an unusual gift of fate ...

The combination of intelligence, emotional subtlety, romance, sincerity of feelings was decisive, and other on-screen images of Vasily Livanov that time, he created in the movie "The Blind Musician" (directed by T. Lukashevich, "Mosfilm", 1961. In this film plays with Basil father Boris Livanov), "Resurrection" (directed by M. Schweizer, "Mosfilm", 1963. V. Livanov as the People Kryltsov).

Gallery sought time personazhey- "intellectuals" crowned Sasha Zelenin image of a doctor in the "colleagues" directed by Andrei Sakharov (1962). The film, which resulted in the cinema as much audience as at the time the legendary "Chapaev", was unanimously recognized and criticized, celebrated "a rare intellectual charm" character Vasily Livanov trio Livanov - Lanovoi - Anofriev. This hero V. Livanov was a romantic practical, able not only to say the words on their own behalf (which, of course, also important to be able), but also to be active, to resist evil.

Screen image Zelenin came into vogue; Vasily Livanov was really well known. In Mar del Plata International Film Festival, he was named "the most popular actor of the year". 1966 Kinoslovar Livanov characterizes the actor as "a deep sense of the intellectual fine mental organization." But perhaps the highest rating for Basil became his father`s words, a man of unquestionable authority, that he said to his son after the "colleagues" on the screen: "You`ll be an actor So touch the bandage would only present a surgeon."

In 1963, in the film LA Kulidzhanov "Blue Notebook" (Gorky Film Studio) Vasily Livanov played F. Dzerzhinsky. The episode in which the future chief security officer comes to the leader in the spill, take a few minutes of screen time. But this segment (short conversation, concise replica) Livanov was enough to convey the complexity and ambiguity of the character of "Iron Felix".

In the mid-1960s Livanov refuses offers to play the role of the next "four-eyes" for fear of the degeneration of actual recent social type in the third-type. He arrives at the Higher Courses of Film Directing and 2 years later (1966) defends a diploma with honors - animated film by its script as "most-most-most".

Thesis (the tale of how a lion recklessly decided that he is the most intelligent, strong and beautiful) came on the screen, and Lebanon very quickly been recognized as a professional animation director. Then there were new ideas, original scripts, director`s work, as a rule, do not fit into the framework of the established canons. The script of the film "Ju-ju-ju" (1967) - funny and a little sad tale of a solitary bee, which began to build a house for a long time suffered from the door, yet you do not accidentally learned that bees do very well without any doors. In the animated film "The Blue Bird" (1970) written and directed by Vasily Livanov suffered an alarming tale characters Metterlinka realities in the twentieth century, with all the latest achievements of the evil forces, where people still searching for happiness, even more alienated and lost. Sci-fi film "Phaeton - the son of the Sun" (1972), which had a great success, combines the story, ancient myth and the results of modern scientific research. Some of the most beloved children of domestic cartoons for several decades and includes Livanov told the story of how Santa Claus went to visit in the summer - it`s called "Santa Claus and Summer" (1970).

Vasily Borisovich said that cartoon - art deployed in the future, what it can most fully express their attitude to the people, to the world, to himself. Perhaps this genre became Livanov projection not only his talent, but also the soul, philosophy of life, personal understanding of the world. Leo Kassil so valued tales V. Livanov, "They are lyrical, elegant in mood and tone in which there is no established findings - they pose, secluded and sly, thought, which constitute their poetic essence.". After the release of the film "Phaeton - the son of the sun" Alexander Mitta said of its author with the following words: "He paved the path to the untapped world of art of the future."

Unconditional classic domestic animation cartoon became the musical scenario V. Livanov (together with J. Entin) "The Bremen Town Musicians" (1969) with great music G. Gladkov. At the request of the lovers in the film of millions of viewers of all ages it was even filmed a continuation of the history of the Troubadour, the Princess and their faithful friends - "On the Trail of the Bremen Town Musicians" (1972), in which Vasily Borisovich made already as a writer-director. And in 2001 came the film "New Bremen" scenario V. Livanov, re-write them in a fruitful collaboration with J. Entin, and a new generation of kids with interest the adventures of a cute cheerful company.

Unique voice V. Livanov almost literally animated, animated are absolutely all your favorite cartoon characters like Carlson ( "The Kid and Carlson", "Carlson returned"), Crocodile Gena (in a series of cartoons about Cheburashka and Crocodile Gena), BoA ( " 38 parrots "and other cartoons in this series). A TOTAL Vasily Livanov say on the screen about 300 characters - crocodiles, wizards, cats, donkeys, dogs, bears, pelicans, pirates, birds; good and evil, naive and wise, big and small ... The cartoon is "How Mary quarreled with a pillow," he voiced all the characters at all - from the girl Masha`s up to bat.

In the 1970s in the movie Livanov worked relatively little. Among his cinematic successes in this period should include the role of Nicholas I in "The Captivating Star of Happiness" (director Vladimir Motyl, "Lenfilm"., 1975), he played quite "royally" and a knight in the Benedictus "Yaroslavna - Queen of France "(dir. Maslennikov," thumbnail ", 1978).

In 1979 happens the triumph Livanov on the silver screen in the form of an unsurpassed investigator "of all time" - a respectable and noble Sherlock Holmes (11 episodes of "The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson" was directed by I. Maslennikov on "Lenfilm" in 1979-86 years) . This Livanov and Solomin played so genius detective and his loyal friend Doctor, are, without exaggeration, a national treasure of Albion, that were recognized by the British in the world of the best performers of these roles. Information for reflection on the value of such recognition: in England, for example, the same "Hound of the Baskervilles" filmed annually. Belatedly state recognition of merit comes to V. Livanov and at home: in 1981 he became an Honored Artist of the Russian Federation.

Holmes Livanov - this is truly a hero of all time: a smart, thin, intelligent, unselfish, and - very good, in spite of nested Conan Doyle in his own mouth the words that he is only interested in unraveling the tangle of mysteries related to another crime. Callous great detective audience would not forgive, and, judging by the people`s love for terse Clever Girl with a pipe in his mouth, Livanov this side of nature Holmes embodied brilliantly. At the same time managed to Livanov that the power of a little: in itself malodramatichny image of the hero, whose main occupation - to think, he did extremely popular. Gaining audience thought - in the case of cinema is not frequent: indeed, follow the progress of thought Holmes-Livanov is no less interesting than the developments, which we all know perfectly well with the teenage years.

Apart from the already mentioned work in film VB Livanov played in the following films: "Two Lives" (1961), "The Court of crazy," "Big and small" (1963), "Green light" (1965), "The bracelet 2nd", "Year of a life", " Interview "(1966)," I was 19 "(1967, film studio" Defa "GDR)," The Player "(1972)," The Steppe "(1977)," My favorite clown "," Who`s That knocking at My door " "Moon rainbow" (1983), "the Extraordinary adventures of Karik and Valya" (1987), "It is his will receive" (1988), "the Hunt" (1992), "Friend" (1993; in this movie voice Livanov said one characters - fantastic dog), "Don Quixote returns" (1997). In 1984 Vasily Borisovich for their scenario he took DH documentary film "Boris Livanov."

In 1988 Vasily Livanov acts in a new role: it creates and for 5 years serves as the artistic director of Russia`s first private Theatre "Detective".

VB Livanov - the author of the plays "The Bremen Town Musicians" (with J. Entin, first staged in 1974 in the theater of the Leningrad City Council), "Don Giovanni" (with G. Bardin, first staged in 1976 at the Central Obraztsov Theatre dolls), "My favorite clown" (first staging - Small Theatre, 1983), "Artist" (with B. Valutskiy, first staged at the Moscow experimental theater "Detective" in 1989).

Several times reprinted collections of fairy tales B. Livanov "The most-most-most" (1975) and his short stories "The Legend and Story" (1980). These collections are released abroad in English, Spanish, Serbian, Romanian, Turkish. Since 1979, V. Livanov - a member of the Writers` Union. In 2002, the publishing house "Bustard" was released a full collection of fairy tales B. Livanov "Santa Claus and Summer".

In 2001, on the channel TVC VB Livanov created a series of programs "Moscow Vasily Livanov history" (9 issues).

Vasily Livanov - People`s Artist of Russia (1988), academician, member of the Presidium of the National Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences of Russia (2002). Laureate of the State Prize of the German Democratic Republic (1969), holder of the honorary medal "For acting prowess" (2002), winner of international film festivals.

Outside of work, by his own admission, busy family, children and grandchildren, socializing with friends. A fan of football, boxing; still interested in horseback riding, which not so long ago professionally engaged. She loves animals.

Lives and works in Moscow.

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