Vasiliy Williams

Picture of Vasiliy Williams

Date of Birth: 09/10/1863

Age: 76

Place of birth: Moscow

Citizenship: Russia


Vi & # 769; lyams, Vasey & # 769; ly po & # 769; bertovich (October 9, 1863 Moscow - November 11, 1939, Moscow) - an outstanding Soviet soil scientist-agriculturist, academician of the USSR (1931), the Byelorussian Academy of Sciences (1929), Academy of Agricultural Sciences (1935).

Member of the CPSU (b) since 1928, member of the Moscow Soviet and the Supreme Soviet of the USSR 1-th convocation. The winner of the Lenin Prize (1931), was awarded the Order of Lenin.

A graduate of the Petrovskaya Agricultural Academy. Academic teacher: Professor and Head of the Department of General Agriculture and Soil Science of the Moscow Agricultural Academy. Timiryazev, its director since 1907, the rector in 1922-1925. The founder and first head of the department "Basics of Agriculture and Plant" Moscow Institute of mechanization and electrification of agriculture. Author of over 450 scientific papers. He created the doctrine of common soil-forming process and system restore and improve soil fertility, soil structure formation researched, developed and justified the grass-field system of agriculture.

In 1917, he founded near Moscow (now a territory of the city of Calvary, the platform Meadow Savelovsky direction) experimental station poizucheniyu fodder crops and forage areas (since 1922 State Meadow Institute, in 1930, renamed the All-Union, and since 1992 in All-Russian Research Institute of feed). This institute now bears the name of VR Williams. His name is also the Kazakh Research Institute of Agriculture, the street in Kiev and other objects.