Vasiliy Vahrushev

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Citizenship: Russia


working Son. Since 1910 apprentice fitter at the Tula factories. In 1917 he was among the organizers Soyua young workers in Tula. Since 1917, the commandant, in 1918-19 pom. plant manager "Socialist" (Tula). In 1919 he joined the RKP (b), and the Red Army. It served as a private, and then - in the Political Department of the Western Front. Since 1921 the provincial secretaries of the Control Commission of the RCP (b) in Tula, in the beginning of 1923-26. Tula Provincial Criminal Investigation. In 1926-27 director of the industrial combine "Tulshveyvata" in 1927-31 - Kosogskogo metallurgical plant. As a result of these movements B. emerged as the personnel manager, who was still almost than lead, but everywhere it has successfully applied the methods of command and achieved visible success in strengthening the discipline, increase due to the intensification of labor production results, etc. Since 1931 deputy. Director of the Tver railcar plant, pom. Head. personnel department of the Moscow Committee of the CPSU (b). In 1931-36 director of Kashira HPP. In 1936-37 manager of the trust "Mosenergostroy". In 1937 Deputy. beg. Glavenergo People`s Commissariat of the fuel industry of the USSR. From August. 1937 People`s Commissar for Local Industry of the RSFSR, with September. 1938 Deputy. before, in June 1939 -. before June 1940. SNK RSFSR. Since 1939 member of the CPSU (b). 10.12.1939 At the same time V. was appointed People`s Commissar of the coal industry of the USSR. During the Great Patriotic War held a great deal of work to evacuate equipment from Donbass and to increase coal production naUrale, Kuzbass and Karaganda. On the subordinate enterprises to actively and massively using slave labor of prisoners of the Gulag, which greatly simplifies the tasks assigned to the VA, as he could not ignore the effort. On 19.1.1946 Commissar (Minister) of the coal industry of western regions of the USSR. After the war, he led the restoration of mines of Donbass and the Moscow basin. Since 1946 deputy of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR. The ashes interred in the Kremlin wall.