Vasiliy Merkuriev

Picture of Vasiliy Merkuriev

Date of Birth: 06/04/1904

Age: 74

Place of birth: Island

Citizenship: Russia

"He was so popular that it recognizable VOICE WHEN HE somewhere called"

"Irisha, like me hurt?"

The relationship of my parents - Irina Vsevolodovna Meyerhold and Vasily Merkuryeva - were unique. It was until recent years youthful love. They were very attached to each other, we lived together for 44 years old, and the feelings nevertheless remained fresh.

This does not mean, of course, that everything went smoothly. Mother-nature of the daddy - Meyerhold! Mom organically could not be right. And even knowing that it is not right, it is still argued that law. (Laughs.) We perceive it with humor. But goodness she was stunning.

And as the mother felt the body of Pope - it is something incredible. They always go to the doctor together. The doctor asked: "Vasily, how are you hurt?". "You know, I sigh, something starts to ..." Then he fell silent, and asked: "Irisha, like me hurt?". And my mother quietly told the doctor, and my father just agreeing, nodding his head. They were communicating vessels.

When they met, Mercury was married. True, it was a civil marriage, but then it did not pay attention. And my mother for some time before the meeting with the Pope divorced her second husband. Mercury - her third husband.

It was a funny incident when a party in a big company, one vozdyhatelnitsa for dad asked my mother across the table: "Irina Vsevolodovna, and the truth is that Vasily your third husband?" My mother immediately said: "Yes, the third, not counting the little things." The Pope then said: "Irisha, as you said, indelicate." - "At least indelicate than they asked me."

"I was born in the wings"

It seemed to me that my father works all the time. He was either in the theater or on the set, and when at home - is sitting in a chair or lying on a huge bed, surrounded by books, teaching role. The role of teaching is always quiet - muttered. And then, I used to sit in the kitchen - and suddenly he starts to say something. And it sounded so natural that we do not always understand that it is the role of the text.

I am amazed by the power of the spirit of my parents. When they already had a daughter, and my mother was pregnant with a second daughter, they have three children of my father`s brother in his family. After all, my father`s brother was arrested. His name was Peter V. Mercury.

And suddenly unbearably I wanted my parents to have a son. After all, I do not accidentally born - I hope. And then it was not yet known how the war is over, where Hitler would be. And they are in this terrible time with his two daughters, three adopted children, give birth to another.

I was born right in the wings. It was in Kolpashevo, Tomsk region, on the Ob. My mother gave birth to me at the rehearsal. It was forty-three years - what here maternity leave. My mother went into labor. Pope at that time was not in the theater. With my mother was my aunt, the mother of my two cousins ??and sisters. Aunt Lara took birth mom. And she said: "Irishenka boy you!". And my mom once said, "Hello, Petya!". She immediately decided to name me after my father`s brother, whom they loved.

When we returned from evacuation, they saw two abandoned children. Obviously, a woman behind the train and lost them. My mother picked up the children and brought us to Leningrad. In addition, she brought to Leningrad entire team of amateur theater, which she worked in Novosibirsk. The whole team did a course in Theatre Institute. They are not immediately placed in a hostel because Leningrad only released from the blockade. Many have lived in our house. In short, it was a real camp.

My mother has not changed surname - has always been Irina Meyerhold. And it is the enemy of the people`s daughter, quietly, under the pretext, removed from all work. Twelve years it did not work. So Dad for a long time, one dragging the whole family, flying from the shooting at the shooting, with a concert at the concert.

The first time, after we came back from the evacuation, we lived in a two-bedroom apartment - each room somewhere along the 15 meters. And next door, big - there was a common area where some 80 meters - lived Bryantsev Alexander, founder of the Leningrad Youth Theater. Once Bryantsev went to our apartment and asked something from my grandmother - a bow or something like that. Grandmother invited him into the kitchen, and they went past all the rooms. Bryantsev saw our whole camp. And when my grandmother accompanied him, he said: "Anna, tell Vasya: Let me go down, when he returned from the theater."

Dad came after the performance, the grandmother said the request of Alexander Alexandrovich. Papa went straight to him, knocked - Call did not yet exist. Bryantsev opened the door, invited him and said. "Bob, we have an old woman so much flat to nothing, and you with your Tabor - just Come And Move so you will not change my mind in the morning, we move right now.". And the move took place at night! Mutual assistance, compassion, sympathy - it was perfectly natural at the time. I think that now the pope would be difficult to live with.

"We had a cow, pig, chicken"

All my life, we lived in the country, which was first put Dad in rent, and shortly before his death, he was given the cottage. We were there the subsistence farming, with which we feed. Otherwise, simply would not have survived. We had a cow, pigs, chickens. But this, of course, in the early postwar years, while life was very hard. Parents sometimes dragged on themselves products of the garden home, and the way to the station was not a short.

Father loved to work in the country. In general, he could not stand passive recreation. Even the last few years, when working in the garden, he was already hard, he laid on the ground plywood, lay down on her hand and quietly cultivated beds. And sometimes we have it, frankly, annoying, because we wanted bleeders. But when it worked, it was impossible to sit back. Dad never called to work. He passed by us, saw that we sit around, sigh - and went to work. Well, we - him.

He loved to hold the country some improvements. Spent water, the whole house was entangled in some motor, which pumps the water into the house. There were a huge amount, and they burned all the time! (Laughs.)

Pope with these matters have always been deceived. All these motors and the like took a wild amount of money. Then he had an idea - to make the house a spiral staircase. We still can not understand where, why? But someone advised him. Even brought a step, which then lay long as one did not do something completely different. The Pope made the steam heating, which endlessly burst: Do not drain the water when it was necessary. Dad spent the cottage phone. In short, the house was Prorva, it invested an incredible amount of money.

Villa was away from the nearest village in two and a half kilometers. Therefore, a separate standing pillars for the phone separately - for light poles. From time to time the wind brought down the pillars.

Nearby was a military unit, which belonged to the Pope well, they have spent on our cottage one phone on which you can directly call long distance. It was only necessary to tell the call sign "thermometer" - and the Pope combined with Leningrad.

And on a day - and there was very little - my father tried to escape to the country. To breathe, go fishing. Hunter was not - it was a pity to kill animals. I asked him: "Dad, the fish do not mind?" - "And her blood cold."

Dad planted apple trees, flowers, built a bathhouse. He never collected, not collected, not hoarded. It was a very organic person. It is ridiculous to say that, say, the cat collects flowers? That`s how it is with him.

"The worst punishment - when dad became silent"

In 1959, I was suddenly invited to appear in a movie, not knowing that I - the son of Merkuryeva. I was only sixteen years old. The Pope at the time was shot in Siberia, and I told my mother that I was invited to a movie role - by the way, is quite large. Mom said that Dad would be very unhappy. But he had to give an answer, and I agreed. So Dad came and I told him that appear in the picture. Upon hearing this, the Pope paused. And it was for me the most terrible punishment. It is better to beat! (Laughs.) But this, of course, he never did.

Before the premiere of the film the Pope called the second director: "Vasily, we want to invite you to the premiere of the film, where he plays your son." And Dad gave him on the phone the whole batch, "Why do not you ask your parents?" - "Vasily, we did not know that he`s your son." - "Well, if He is not mine that you are an orphan turned the man`s head, and he need to learn?". Dad was afraid that success will affect me intoxicating.

And then, when I was sitting in the hall on the last row and shaking with fear, all of a sudden there was applause - it entered the pope, who, as always, shyly smiled when greeted. After all, love for him was incredible. He was not torn apart, not afraid of him a pat on the shoulder, but the attitude was like a mother. So, Dad walked into the room, saw me - and frowned.

After the movie we went together, he hugged me and said: "You know, you get it, and from you is not going anywhere until you finish a musical education, it is better not consent to appear most important thing - that you had another profession... Because our acting profession -. dependent look at how many years, I used to sit in a theater without a job. " And fate has shown that he was right. I manage to combine shooting with his work musicologist, and I have no lack of demand for the complex. And Dad was afraid of this, and, of course, that I would compare with him.

"Vasily, you will receive half the salary"

The Pope was simple and clear character. What is most uncomfortable for musicologists composer? Mozart. Because everything is clear, simple and ingenious. That`s my dad was all clear and simple. He was a very innocent person. Dad was like, what to wear, what to eat. Unpretentious he was to asceticism.

He had a keen sense of justice. Igor Ilyinsky told me once, before the war, the Little Theatre was on tour in Leningrad. Surname Elias, who had just passed into the small, was at the end of the poster. At the end of the performance all presented flowers and Ilyinsky left without a bouquet. Ilyinsky said: "Actually, I`m not serious all these offerings, but then it was a shame." And suddenly through the stalls is Merkur`ev with some flowers and presents Ilyinsky.

Infinitely loved music and circus. There was no program in the Leningrad circus, which he had not looked twice, three times or even four times a year! He advised all his disciples to go to the circus, because there will not leave the arena without feeling bad or stalls memorizing a sequence of actions.

He admired Mravinsky. And he also advised his students to go to concerts Mravinsky - what his ensemble, despite the fact that the role of each is heard, the whole orchestra sounds amazing.

Mercury was a professor of Theatre Institute, and for some idiotic norms supposed, that the professor should write scientific papers. He said: "I`m an artist, practitioner, I do not write!" "Vasily, then you will get half the salary", - answered him.

And he planned to play a show with students of Professor Tatiana G. Soynikova. She`s on the course at the time raised the play "Truth is well, but happiness is better". Pope Groznova role played since 1925. Even at the institute Leonid Sergeyevich Vivien, who has studied. And now - play. Educational theater packed to overflowing! Many detractors Soynikova hoped that now will Merkur`ev and shares the walnut her pupils, thus proving that it is wrong to teach them. In the first act Groznov appears. And in the second - Dad goes and does not suppress the students and work with them in a single ensemble, absolutely not "premerstvuya". Ensemble Feeling it was included to the extent that, even playing with the students, he did not try to pull the blanket over himself. By the way, the role he played Groznova with twenty-two to seventy-three years, and died at seventy-four.

There were, of course, the role that he had to play, and he did not want. First, he argued and agreed upon - and played well as a result. Except, perhaps, in a few cases.

"Dad was embarrassed that he was taller than his teacher,"

Merkuryeva invited many theaters of the Soviet Union to play those performances in which he was engaged in the Pushkin Theater. Domestic productions were "The Truth is well, but happiness is better", "Honor your father", "serious charges" and many others. And daddy does not come as a Barnstormer: once again - and jumped into the play! No. He came for a week rehearsing, was part of the ensemble, and then walked colossal triumphs. He played in Komsomolsk-on-Amur, Semipalatinsk, Smolensk, Kungur, Berezniki, Novosibirsk, Vladimir ... Cities, perhaps thirty.

Dad was very fond of the phrase Viktor Gusev: "Glory to come to us in between times, if it is worthy of her." And when someone is about someone something unflattering to say the pope replied with one word: "He`s a hard worker." Here is a word covering everything shortcomings of whom spoke badly.

Experiences of the pope were mainly related to anxiety about the fate of loved ones - that the mother does not work, that the daughter is sick, that his son is sick. And, of course, like all the actors, he too was a creative dissatisfaction. He suffered from the lack of faith in the directors that he can play tragic roles. After all, he wanted to play Othello. When he was convinced that he had the talent of a different nature, he replied: "Let me fall Let me cast aside rotten tomatoes Prove to me that I am wrong!". Not allowed.

He loved his teacher Vivien. While I believe that he is guilty before the Pope. However, it is, of course, very difficult - as the director Vivien saw dad character actor and knew that better dads these roles no play. He had the task - to deliver the performance, and the tragic and heroic roles, he Merkuryeva seen. Then Dad has proved that he can. But we must note that Vivien in the company, in addition to Merkuryeva, were at the disposal of Cherkasov, Simonov, Tolubeev, Freundlich, Catherine, Zhukovsky - pleyadischa such actors! Even the so-called middle peasants were of this magnitude, what is out in the so-called "stars".

But Pope treated his teacher is very kind. Until that embarrassed that he was taller than him.

"We need two cars pea seed"

Mercury was so popular that it recognized his voice when he called somewhere. For example, calls to the pharmacy, greet, and then respond obomlev: "Vasily, is that you?"

By the way, there was such a fun event. Chairman of the Executive Committee to call him: "Vasily, I know you are going to Moscow tomorrow you might not call the Minister of Agriculture.?"

- "What for?" - "You know, we have such a confusion came - Leningrad region remained without seed peas We have two cars pea seed.". We arrived at the hotel, and he, as always, forgot passport. And, as usual, apologizing that without a passport. He, of course, respond that it is not a problem.

Dad immediately called the Secretary Minister: "Hello!" - "Oh, can not be - responsible secretary -. I`m not mistaken, this is the planet Mercury?" - "Yes". And he requests to be invited to phone the Minister. The secretary replied that the minister is now a meeting, but it will give that called Mercury. Suddenly the minister lacks the phone and asks what can be done to him. Immediately sends him a car, we come together with the Pope. All ministry poured out of classrooms. Dad is all behind him. And he begins to present the request. He says: "Oh, the scoundrels know is that I will not be able to refuse!" On the same day went to Leningrad two cars with peas.

And how he has helped people get apartments, phone numbers, arranged in the hospital. One mother even said, "John, you`re doing for others, and for their children - so little." He replied: "I will not last forever I want to die knowing that my children will cope without me.". He did for us never never asked. The only thing - the theater or the circus we children Merkuryeva, go always free. And, of course, he helped us get to the hospital.

We have a pope had happened long conversations. We understand each other, we feel each other. There was no idleness, was not idle talk, some memories of evenings. Dad lived today, what he should do now, and his plans.

All life was in labor and joy, because it was love. And it is - the most important thing in the lives of my parents. It was warmed by love. Love Pope to us, the people - the Pope. We had a very difficult day, a lot of dashing we experienced. Diseases of ours, Pope disease, myocardial mom ... Life has been woven from the labor and love.

I remember one case. I was about ten or eleven, Meyerhold had not yet rehabilitated. We were sitting in the kitchen when my mother said: "That you all here Merkuryeva, and I`m alone - Meyerhold." And I say: "Mummy, you want, I`ll take your name?" Dad somehow tensed, he said nothing, and then, getting up from the kitchen table and said, "You are still very useful to my name." And, of course, still have this last name and leads me, and helps and puts a lot of responsibility.

Author: Arthur Solomon

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