Vasiliy Grynev

Picture of Vasiliy Grynev

Date of Birth: 01/17/1873

Age: 65

Place of birth: Voronezh

Citizenship: Russia


The son of a nobleman`s personal. He graduated from high school, Archaeological Institute, Nikolaev Military Academy. Until 1912 - the teacher cadet corps in Moscow, Colonel.

He was tonsured a monk, 12 June 1919 - Hierodeacon, May 14, 1920 - monk, then Archimandrite. He was abbot of the monastery of Zadonsk.

On June 27, 1921 - Bishop Aksay. In 1923 for "counter-revolutionary activities" was sentenced to three years in prison. Time served in the Solovki camp. Since 1926 he was in exile in the city of Ulyanovsk province Alatyr.

Supporter Deputy Patriarchal Locum Tenens Metropolitan Sergius (Stragorodsky). Since September 16, 1927 - Bishop Alatyrskij, Vicar of the Diocese of Ulyanovsk and temporarily managing Chuvash diocese. During this period of the believers did not recognize him as their ruling bishop, and came under the jurisdiction of the bishop of Habakkuk (Borovkova), who opposed the Declaration of Metropolitan Sergius, contained significant concessions to the authorities.

On October 29, 1930 - Bishop of Ulyanovsk. Managed diocese in a difficult situation, being forced to confront not only the Renovators, but also strong in this region, "the Gregorian movement" - the church schism, oppose the Patriarchate and initially supported by the Soviet government.

In 1932 he was arrested and charged that "grouped around him the whole church anti-Soviet asset, regularly held among such agitation, as well as spoken to them during worship sermons spoke of the fragility of the Soviet regime, predicting the restoration and triumph of religion, persecution of the Church during the Soviet era, as the persecution of her during the period of the Roman Empire. " January 10, 1933 was sentenced to three years of exile in the Northern Territory (after June 16, 1933 officially dismissed to rest, that is, freed from the control of the diocese).

In August 1935 he returned to Ulyanovsk. On November 12, 1935 - Bishop Arzamas. Apparently, he was elevated to the rank of archbishop (referred to as such in some sources). Then he was dismissed to rest, apparently for health reasons: the end of life suffers, who "endured without complaint, with full devotion to God`s will." I lived in Ulyanovsk.

I remember contemporaries as an ascetic, fasting, and diligent prayer. The temple has always walked on foot, by imitating the apostles. He loved to read hymns. When he prayed, the whole immersed in a state of prayer, and then he did not notice his environment. After each service, be sure to say teaching simple, clear and accessible language.

In 1937 he was arrested by the NKVD and the Ulyanovsk city department charged with "organizing and directing the church-monarchist, fascist rebel counter-revolutionary organization". In the case brought to trial were 78 members of the clergy and laity. In December, the decision of the troika with the NKVD in the Kuibyshev region Mitrofan Bishop, Archbishop John renovationist and more 68 people were sentenced to death (later they were shot), and eight - to 10 years in prison each.