Vasiliy Grigorovich-barskiy

Picture of Vasiliy Grigorovich-barskiy

Date of Birth: 01/12/1701

Age: 46

Place of birth: Kiev

Citizenship: Ukraine

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Name Grigorovich-Barsky considered undeservedly forgotten, while his contribution to the history and geography was quite noticeable.

He was born Vasily Grigorovich-Barsky in 1701 in Kiev. He was the son of a merchant, who gave him a basic education, thinking that this is already quite a lifetime. However, Basil was a child inquisitive and eager for knowledge - he has decided to continue to learn. So, he was in the Kyiv-Mohyla Academy, where he studied Slavic languages, Latin and law of God. By the way, while Basil knew that to go to the priests, that seemed logical, he did not want, and he wanted to see other people `strany`. By the time of graduation he had a disease - a wound on his leg did not heal, and therefore Basil decided to go for treatment in Lviv, which was then famous for its healers. By the way, he went against the will of his father, who at that time was missing in the house, and when he caught up with the way the messenger with the requirement to return home, that Basil wrote a letter to his father, tearfully begging not prevent his wanderings.

Caught in Lviv, Grigorovich-Barsky healed, but instead to turn back home, he decided to study, enrolling in a class rhetoric of Lviv Jesuit Academy. By the way, along with Vasily I traveled while his friend, Justin Lenitsky, and the two brothers have given himself for admission.

Soon they opened a forgery, and the unfortunate brothers kicked out of the academy. However, by the time Basil and Justin already had another plan - they decided to go to Rome (Rome), or more precisely, their aim was the Roman city of Bari (Bari), in tune with the place where the family was Basil.

So they hit the road, and it was the beginning of a long journey that has glorified and Vasily Grigorovich-Barsky.

The travelers passed through Slovakia (Slovakia), Hungary (Hungary) and Austria (Austria), eventually reaching Italy (Italy). It was 1724. On the whole route Basil wrote travel notes. He described the city, which had seen on his way, so he described Vienna was `Aki paradise zemnoy` and Budapest (Budapest) he called` split gradom`.

By the way, at the time of arrival in Italy Basil Justin each disappeared from history - its traces are lost forever, and no mention of it does not exist anywhere. Basil is by that time was not in the best shape - he suffered from several infections, and, in addition, it again strongly concerned about the wound on his leg. In addition, he lost the documents, it beat the fever, and general prospects for him did not look in the best way. As a result, he was in the hospital, where his life hung in the balance, but fate still had mercy on a stranger, and Grigorovich-Barsky recovered. He escaped from the hospital and went to wander further, visiting Rome, Venice (Venice) and Naples (Naples), by the way, the latter literally struck him with their `lepotnymi stroeniyami`.

Then the traveler went to Jerusalem (Jerusalem), these were the years of 1726-1728, and then he went to Jordan (Jordan), Cairo (Cairo), Tripoli (Tripoli), Damascus (Damascus), and other cities. He passed and Alexandria (Alexandria), Cyprus (Cyprus) and the Greek islands.

Wandering Vasily Grigorovich-Barsky continued for nearly a quarter century. It was a bit strange - it is something like a drove forward without letting go home, though he several times was almost ready to return. His health was literally destroyed - he suffered from many diseases, but kept going. And he kept the most accurate way to make their entries in all his campaigns.

In 1734-m in Damascus he became a monk at Antioch Patriarch Sylvester, however, did not stay in the monastery, and went on. By the way, in his diary, he admitted that the patriarch treated him with great love and hospitality.

Throughout his travels, Vasily studied - he studied languages, logic, metaphysics, and some other science, such as the natural sciences, history, geography and geology. In addition, he versed in architecture, painting and music.

In 1741 Vasily learned about the death of his father, it was then that he decided to return home and even sent a letter to Kiev with the request to provide him with the teacher place. However, this time the departure did not happen, and instead in 1743-m Grigorovich-Barsky was still in Constantinople (Constantinople), where the Russian ambassador offered him a priest at the embassy. He, however, refused and went to Mount Athos, where for some time he worked in the library.

At home in Kiev Vasily returned only in 1747, not by choice, but to escape the arrest, since he did not get along with the new Russian ambassador to Constantinople. Amazingly, after only a few weeks after returning home he died.

Vasily Grigorovich-Barsky buried in Brotherhood Monastery, at the grave of his beautiful epitaph written.

Proceedings of the traveler were first published in 1788, and later reprinted them. However, according to many historians, the name of this great traveler was still undeservedly forgotten.