Vasiliy Elagin

Picture of Vasiliy Elagin

Date of Birth: 06/14/1818

Age: 61

Citizenship: Russia


He graduated from Moscow University. Abroad befriended FV Chizhov. in "Simbirsk Collection" edition in 1844-45 contributed to the DA Valuev (the closest of the younger generation Slavophiles). The first publication Elagina - Review of "Sketches of the South of France and Nice" MS Zhukova. Calling the "Essays" "striking manner the edge", the reviewer highlighted it 3 moments, cherished for Slavophile: reproach troubadours that "playing in poetry and love," expressed "one bright side of life", did not affect "the heart and life of the people "suffering from a knightly feuds, and true poetry can only be a" sister suffering "; poet praises the plebeians, the remaining "simple baker", the indifference of society to the desolation of churches in northern France.

In 1847 came the main historical work Elagina "On" IstoriiChehii "Franz Palacky", which was the response to both Slavophil awakened the national liberation movement of the Slavs of the XIX century. Among the most important factors of creative historical destiny of every nation Elagin relates to its national loyalty inclinations and strength of his religious faith. Every nation has ineradicable "dark sense of his own dignity." "Providence" gives him a "special moral and even physical properties, especially the language, special fatherly tradition", and the renunciation of them is punishable "moral m intellectual nonentity." Chief Curator "zhiznestroitelnoy" began among the Slavs, of Yelagin, the common people remained faithful to it, and the clergy.

By the middle. 50 Elagin friends with Aksakov and became a member of its periodicals, the most active - in the weekly newspaper "The Day" (1861-65; worked without payment). Occupation journalism (that much was evident in his correspondence of these years) revived his contacts with old friends Yelagin home - IA Koshelev and Samarin (just in 1862 Aksakov who wrote: "How is he gifted as his mind , the measure ").

The high reputation of the leaders of the Slavic "Renaissance", "Day" owes Yelagin. Sam publicist appreciated "purely moral significance" of the newspaper in the Slavic world, and in Russia - "its non-political, anti-revolutionary, destructive for arsonists" "strength" (from a letter to Aksakov 14 June 1863).

At the root of disagreeing with the founder of the "state-of the historical school" S. Solovyev (taps primary role in the history of Russia "State" instead of "earth", and therefore who honored highly mission-reformer Peter), Elagin accuses Peter I, in addition to split the nation " into two halves "and the further enslavement of the peasantry, that it is rooted in the Russian state and law" Roman pagan principle "(in other works Elagina -." romanticism "), whose essence is the" subordination and religion and nation - state " which led to "the destruction of traditional and personal conscience to state reasons" (Russian steel compelled to think about the benefits of the state, and "then ask yourself," what is truth "." Malleabils trend of "romanticism" Elagin saw in the Catholic church and reared in when it is involuntary assistance of atheistic socialism (handwritten work "evil will give birth to evil").

After the death of P. Kireyevski undertook the publication of its "Assembly of People`s Songs".