Vasiliy Dokuchaev

Picture of Vasiliy Dokuchaev

Date of Birth: 03/01/1846

Age: 57

Citizenship: Russia


The son of a village priest. He graduated from the Smolensk Seminary and University of St. Petersburg. In 1877, having made (together with VI Chaslavskim) survey soil map of European Russia, began to study Russian black earth - "the king of the soil", with the result that they laid the foundations of the doctrine of the soil as a special natural-historical body and the factors of soil formation. In 1886 the first scientific classification of soils in the world.

As a true patriot and a citizen who gave all his strength and knowledge of practical agriculture and overall economic prosperity of Russia; they made an extensive plan of comprehensive measures to combat drought (recovery grainy black soil structure and forest shelterbelts, snow retention and regulation of melt water runoff, proper tillage, construction of ponds and small water bodies, protection of forests, water and the fight against soil erosion).

Based on the teachings of any progressive Dokuchaeva Russian school physical geography, Geobotany, botanical geography, geomorphology, geology, and other dynamic.

The main works of Dokuchaev became "Russian black earth" (1883), "Our steppes before and now" (1892), "On the doctrine of the nature of genes" (1899), "Place and role of modern soil science in Science and Life" (1899).