Vasiliy Bogatyrev

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Citizenship: Russia


working Son. Educated at the Industrial Academy named after IV Stalin (1934). Since 1912 he worked as a turner at the factory. In 1918 he joined the RKP (b), and the Red Army. In 1918-19 Commissioner procurement team in 1919-21 Commissioner of the regiment, brigade. In 1921-22 in the suppression of the uprising in Western Siberia was deputy. the commander of the forces. In 1923-25 ??Secretary of the county Party committee Zhizdra (Bryansk province). Since 1925 the head. agitpropotdelom Bryansk Provincial Committee of the CPSU (b), in 1925-27 - the deputy. prev. Bryansk executive committee. Since 1927 the beginning. Construction of the Bryansk regional power and authorized by the Supreme Economic Council of the USSR Bryansk-Mal`cev district energy. Since 1934 the beginning. Department on the construction of the Frunze CHP and managing trust "1st mestpromstroy". At the beginning of 1936-39. Construction Stalinogorsk GRES. On construction sites subordinate Bogatyrev widely used slave labor of political prisoners. On Feb. Early 1939. Glavenergopromstroya from April. 1939 Deputy. Commissar of power and electrical industry of the USSR. 17.04.1940 was appointed People`s Commissar of the Electrical Industry of the USSR. In Feb. 1941 at the XVIII party conference had been warned about a possible withdrawal from work and 08.21.1941 removed from office, "it does not provide guidance for the People`s Commissariat." Soon he was appointed director of the Frunze CHP in Moscow, and in 1942 - manager of the trust "Tsentroenergostroy". In 1943-45 Bogatyrev, a specialist in the construction of high-speed (using forced labor), was tasked to build Stalinogorsk GRES. Since 1945 Bogatyrev held minor positions in construction, and in 1947-51 was the beginning. Glavyugstroya Ministry of Construction of Heavy Industry of the USSR. 24.11.1951 expelled from the party "for misconduct while in official travel abroad", but Bogatyrev was arrested and lived quietly until Stalin`s death, and it was restored 07/01/1953 in the party. Bogatyrev From 1953 worked as a senior engineer of the trust "Builder" of the Ministry of Construction of the USSR.