Vasiliy Bobinin

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Citizenship: Russia


Named a decree (1692) called for complete writing to the boyars books dyacheskih names with a short middle name, though without the "?" (eg., The son of Nikita Fedorov Polunin). In contrast to the well-defined order of writing the names of the clerks in the writing of the names of clerks was a big disparity. However, in official documents (Podyacheskaya lists etc.) Were the most common spelling of a name and surname. Especially significant was the derogatory name for clerks widespread form ( "Ivashka", "Vaska" and so on. D.), Called at the time "poluimenem". Appeal to the old scribe in a derogatory form they perceived as an insult. This appeal to the old clerk Ambassadors order Bobininu VI was the occasion for him to initiate in 1668 the case "on beschestve" against the clerk Ivan Zinoviev, to-ing, according to. clerk shouted at him "and called poluimenishkom" t. e. Vaska. In 1671 in one of the petitions Podyacheskaya was written: "Taken [was] from seredney article in the old clerks to fourth place in the Ivanovo Istomin scribe Vasilej Bobinin. And in the 175 [1667], he also, Basil, a place Tovo transferred and granted a third person in the place Belyaninova Pamfilova, and Evo, Vasilyevo, granted a place of seredney article Stepan Regiments. " In his petition (1678) complained to the king Fedor Alekseevich that "chelobitchikovyh and other mercenary affairs in order, and the embassy in little russian office no propitattsa nothing." In 1686, being in the rank of deacon, on the occasion of the conclusion of "Eternal Peace" with Poland, where he took an active part, received from the Treasury for the acquisition of 500 yefimki fiefdom 230 mosques in the land.

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