Vardan Bostandzhyan

Picture of Vardan Bostandzhyan

Date of Birth: 09/09/1949

Age: 67

Citizenship: Armenia


Vardan Bostanjyan Babkenovich (arm. ?????? ????? ?????, September 9, 1949 - Yerevan) - Armenian MP.

1966-1971 - Faculty of Technical Cybernetics of Yerevan Polytechnic Institute. Electrical Engineer.

1974-1977 - post-graduate student of the Siberian Branch of economic institutions at the USSR. Doctor of Economic Sciences, Associate Professor (1980), Professor. Author of over 130 publications.

1971-1974 - senior engineer at the Yerevan Mechanics and Mathematics Research Institute.

1977-1993 - Senior Researcher, Head of Sector, Head of Department, Deputy Director for Science of the Armenian Research Institute of Planning gosstandartai.

1993-1999 - Head of the socio-economic department of the Supreme Council of the Armenian SSR unit, while the head of department of economic analysis unit of the Armenian Parliament.

1994-1996 - member of the management of the Central Bank of Armenia. Member of the Academy of Natural Sciences (Russian Federation), corresponding member of the engineer`s Academy of Armenia.

1999-2003 - Member of Parliament. Member of the Standing Committee on Financial-Credit, Budgetary and Economic Affairs. Member of the "Unity" faction.

2003-2007 - Head of the Department of Financial Accounting Faculty of Economics of the Yerevan State University.

May 12, 2007 - elected to parliament. Deputy Permanent Commission on the Economic Commission. Member of "Prosperous Armenia".