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American rockgroup "Vanillla fudge" a long time did not receive recognition. Although their music was difficult to call the massively popular, almost all the albums released by them reached the hot Twenties "Billboard", and a few singles also left their mark on the charts, where the group has found a lot of popularity in the `70s, after its collapse, when it became apparentthat the team has had a significant impact on many of the stars of the decade.

Suffice it to say that their music was the starting point for such monsters as the "Yes" and "Deep purple". In essence "Vanilla fudge" were the pioneers of heavy metal music in the United States, although in an interview with the musicians themselves have defined his style as " psychedelic symphonic rock ". Marc Stein (p March 11, 1947, Bayonne, New Jersey,. Keyboards, vocals) and Tim Bogert (. P 27 August 1944, Richfield, New Jersey ; bass, vocals) , met with a group "Rick Martin & The showmen "but in the summer of 1966 broke up with her, to realize their own ideas. Stein was not in showbusiness newcomer : a child, he sang and played the piano in the children`s television programs, and even recorded a single for "Cameo Parkway" in 1959. When they were joined by guitarist Vince Martell (p. 11 November 1945, New York) and the drummer, whose history has not preserved the name of a new group called "The pigeons",entered into a contract with a local record label "Wand" and wrote (published under the title "While The World Was Eating Vanilla Fudge" in 1970, this record) for him a dozen rooms (mostly cover versions) , initially the company`s position on the shelf.

Soon the drums appeared who had a musical education and seven years of professional experience Carmine Appice (p.December 15, 1946, New York) , and in December 1966 the team changed the sign to "Vanilla fudge" in honor of the then popular varieties of ice cream. During this period, the team, together with like-minded "The vagrants" and "The young rascals" was one of the most popular club teams of the East Coast, but unlike the latter ,I was able to easily move from a bit to acid rock and psychedelia, reigning in the underground scene of San Francisco and Los Angeles.

Vanilla fudgeV early summer, the band signed with "Atlantic", and July 22, 1967 gave the first concert in New York, warming room in the theater "The Village" before going over the famous "The byrds" and "The seeds".Heavy " gothic " organ sound that imitates the Indian raga guitar, almost operatic passages ipsevdo singers, orchestral arrangements of popular songs made an impression on the audience, and "Vanilla fudge" quickly became a local celebrity. Their original chip was a simple, but effective move: slowing the tempo of songs in two or three times ,why even a harmless pop numbers turned into solemn and stern epic canvas. Their first single, the processing of the old rooms "The supremes" "You Keep Me Hanging On", rose in September to the 18 th position in the UK, while at home his popularity grew very slowly : only a year later, he went up to the 6th string. Meanwhile, in early August, released "Vanilla fudge" debut album. It consisted mainly made on the already well-known recipe remakes of current hits : "She`s Not There" "Zombies", "Bang Bang" Cher, "People Get Ready" The impressions " and, of course, the famous Beatles " Eleanor Rigby " and "Ticket To Ride". Eyewitnesses recalled that in the summer of 1967-first record was a number one hit in the apartment of George Harrison, who with shouts of admiration put it to all its guests. The album has been in the US 6th and soon won the " gold ".

Released in February 1968, the second disk group, "The Beat Goes On" by inertia sold well (number 17) , but went down in history, rather,as one of the most ambitious and ridiculous concept albums : twelve minutes that lasted the title piece of the album, the band tried to cram the whole history of modern music, and other overtures lavished great shadows of the past - from Mozart to Beethoven. "Renaissance" was released in July of 1968 (number 20) the most striking aspect of which was the version of "Season Of The Witch" (

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