Picture of Vanga

Date of Birth: 01/31/1911

Age: 85

Place of birth: Strumica

Citizenship: Bulgaria

Great prophetess

Vanga was born January 31, 1911 in Strumica on the territory of the modern Republic of Macedonia. `Vangeliya` name in Greek means` the good vest`. With the outbreak of World War II, the father of Vanga, Pande, was drafted into the Bulgarian army. His mother died when Vanga was four. The girl grew up in the house of a neighbor. When he returned after the war, the widowed father remarried.

In 1923, Wang and his father and stepmother moved to the village of New Village in Macedonia, where the man was her father. There at the age of 12 years Vanga lost her sight during the hurricane, during which the whirlwind tossed it to hundreds of meters. It was found only in the evening with his eyes clogged with sand. Her family was not able to carry out the treatment, and eventually Wang blind. In 1925, she was sent to the House of the Blind in Zemun, Serbia, where she spent three years. After the death of her stepmother she went back to his father`s house in Strumica.

Public attention for the first time Wang has attracted during the Second World War, when closest to its village surroundings there was a rumor that it is able to determine the location of the missing persons in the war, whether they are alive, or places where they died and were buried. Among the first visitors of the titled Vanga became king of Bulgaria BorisIII who visited her April 8, 1942.

In May 1942 Vanga married Dimitar Gushterova from the village Krandzhilitsa Petricheskoy about. Shortly before the wedding, she moved with her fiance in Petrich, where he subsequently became widely known. Dimitar spent some time in the army, became ill and died of alcoholism in 1962.

According to statements followers, Wang had the ability to detect disease in humans with high accuracy and to predict their fate. Often sent to healers or doctors who could help these people, with these healers often did not know and told them this: in a certain city a certain man lives.

In 1967, Wang was framed as a public servant. From that moment on she began to receive official salary - 200 leva per month, and the visit was worth it, for the citizens of the socialist countries - 100 leva for citizens` zapadnyh` countries - $ 50. Up to this point Wang took people for free, taking a different gifts.

According to their abilities itself Vanga it owes some invisible beings, the origin of which she was not able to explain. Vanga`s niece, Krasimir Stoyanov, said that Wang spoke with the souls of the dead or, in the case where the deceased could not give an answer, with some inhuman voice.

There are reports that Vanga predicted the collapse of the USSR, the Chernobyl accident, Boris Yeltsin`s victory in the presidential elections of 1996, the sinking of Russian submarine Kursk, the September 11 attacks and Topalov`s victory at chess tournament in the world. In 1979, Wang said: `But return the old Russia, and will be named in the same way as in the holy Sergii.` In early 1993, Wang said that the Soviet Union will be reborn in the first quarter of the XXI century and Bulgaria will be in its composition. A lot of new people will be born, who will be able to change the world in Russia. In 1994 Vanga prophesied: `At the beginning of the XXI century humanity get rid of the cancer. The day will come and cancer will be chained to the "iron tsepi``. She explained these words in such a way that the `cure for cancer should contain many zheleza`. It is also believed that and invent a cure for old age. To produce its hormones from horse, dog and turtle: `The horse is strong, hardy dog ??and turtle long zhivet`. Before his death, Wang said: `There will come a time of miracles and a time of great discoveries in the field of the intangible. Will and the great archaeological discoveries that will radically change our understanding of the world from ancient times. So predopredeleno`.

In 1994, the church of St. Petka (Paraskeva) was built on the funds for the project Vanga Bulgarian architect Svetlin Rusev in the village of Rupite. Since uncanonicity as the building`s architecture and murals church did not want to sanctify, but in 1994, after much debate the Bulgarian clergy still consecrated church.

Shortly before his death, Wang said that the Earth visit alien ships from the planet, sounding like Vamfim` `` the third in a row on the planet Zemlya` and other civilization is preparing a big event; meeting the same with this civilization will happen in 200 years. Followers of Vanga claimed that she knew the exact date of his death, and not long before that said that I was born a girl who inherits her gift, and which will soon learn all in France.

Wang died in 1996 from cancer of the right breast, not allowing myself to do the operation. Desire itself Vanga was the burial of her remains in the yard of the house where she lived, but the fund `Vanga` decided to bury clairvoyant near the church of St. Petka.

May 5, 2008 in the house of Vanga dedicated to her museum was opened in Petrich.