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Date of Birth: 12/22/1972

Age: 43

Place of birth: Saint-Maur

Citizenship: France


Author: Olga Nikolayeva

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Five years France was jealous of Vanessa Paradis to her transatlantic love. But no one knew exactly for whom this angel (so called Vanessa for her angelic face and angelic voice) every month ocean crossing. There were photos of couples in love in the gossip columns, there was no discussion of the details of the novel in magazines. So when one day Vanessa announced that happy because I was expecting a baby by Johnny Depp, if someone interesting, they were all shocked. Still would! Johnny Depp - this is not just a movie star, it is the younger generation guru of Hollywood! Their love was immediately called the love of an angel and a demon ...

French singer and actress Vanessa Paradis was born December 22, 1972 in the Paris suburb of Saint-Maur. Her family (not only parents, but also his uncle) engaged in show business. It is not surprising that in the seven years the girl appeared on French television, performing on TV contest song "Emilie Jolie". In 1986, when Vanessa was 14 years old, she won European fame with the song (and video clips), "Taxi" ( "Joe Le Taxi"), which became a hit in fifteen countries. By the way, the song written for her by her uncle. Considerable success has fallen and the share of her debut album "M & J", released the following year.

In 1989, the debut of Vanessa Paradis in the film - she played the female lead in the drama of Jean-Claude Brisson "White Wedding". This work brought aspiring actress national award of the French Academy "Cesar" as the best debutante ... and hatred of the female population of France. After a frank erotic scenes where the young girl posed naked ladies on the streets spat after her and, happened, dragged by the hair, but respectable magazines published polls "What women hate Vanessa?". The walls of the entrance of the house where lived Paradis, were covered with obscenities, and her younger sister had to leave the college, where she was called "sister a whore."

Vanessa went to New York and appeared in films for five years. She continued her musical career, giving up even offers such great directors like Pedro Almodovar and John Boorman. During this time she went out albums "Variations Sur Le Meme T`aime" (1990), "Vanessa Paradis" (1992), "Live" (1994). In addition, Vanessa Paradis paid tribute to modeling business, having signed a contract with "Chanel".

Only in 1995, she again appeared on the screen - in the film "Elisa" by Jacques Becker, where she played a girl who, after throwing them many years before the death of the mother is trying to find his father. "I was offered a lot of scripts - says Vanessa - but all the directors still see me half-naked Lolita seduces all men indiscriminately And when I read the script." Eliza, "I was scared, I was scared that I could not play well . Being a partner of Gerard Depardieu is honorable, but scary. "

By the way, the director Jacques Becker gave Paradis read the script without the last twenty pages, saying that it will get them only if you agree to act. In fact, the script was not appended, and meeting with Paradis, Becker watched her, trying to imagine her behavior in a situation in which he has got character. He hesitated a long time between the tragic and the relatively well isolated and, in the end opted for the latter.

In his second film project matured and wiser Paradis much tougher controlled his image. The "Eliza" scenario was a lot of erotic scenes - at the insistence of the actress most revealing scenes were removed. She insisted on the fact that the contract was introduced in the point on which prohibits the use of frames with nudity in any promotional materials. But Paradis says that is not ashamed of her erotic scenes: "I found them beautiful and touching - she says - Sex - an important mainspring of the story, and we understand that it is compulsory.".

In 1997, Vanessa starred in the mystical comedy Rene Manzoni "Spellbound Love". She plays a young witch, who saves her child from the evil sorcerer Milk, played by Jean Reno. "I loved to play the role of mother ..." - more than once in an interview with Vanessa. But reporters did not pay any attention to these words until the moment when love Vanessa the role of moms (and Johnny Depp, whom she met in 1992) did not take concrete form ...

With Depp she met in New York, where Vanessa flew to a meeting with the producers - well and breathe New York draft, chat with friends. Johnny at the time also had a girlfriend. He loved Kate Moss. Before Kate Moss he loved Winona Ryder. But the novel was almost superficial with it (say it is Depp Winona left) and Kate tied him something profound, serious. And then there was Vanessa in their company. She flew from Paris. And then he flew away to Paris. That was beautiful. She spoke with a French accent. Then she fell badly on the set and fascinated Johnny with his foot in a cast. She fascinated him, like the young witch that Vanessa finally played in the movie "Spellbound Love".

These two had everything you need for the perfect romantic couples: they share the ocean and social origin. But all were united, even the names, because Johnny in Russian equivalent - Vanya. Well, not a couple: Vanya and Vanessa. The first child Vanessa and Johnny Depp appeared during the filming of "Koldo BCRA love." But they did not stop there ...

Nearing the end of shooting another film - drama "The Girl on the Bridge" (1999). Here Vanessa played suicide - which becomes fragile Adele knife thrower`s assistant, her co-star was Daniel Auteuil. And then the director Patrice Leconte learns the news: his main actress is pregnant again. In the same year, Vanessa gave birth to her second child, whose father is still the same - Johnny Depp ... However, the film "The Girl on the Bridge" received various prizes and awards, media film a masterpiece, but for his acting game Vanessa won yet a "Cesar" ...

I must say that in the interval between the birth of children, Vanessa managed to star in the movie "Une chance sur deux" (1998). In the story, here it is again looking for his father, but finds not one but two - their roles are played by Jean-Paul Belmondo and Alain Delon.

Children are not prevented Vanessa to pursue a musical career. "Bliss" - the singer`s new album was released in 2000.

In addition, today Vanessa and Johnny have a joint project - they starred together in the new film by Terry Gilliam`s "The Man Who Killed Don Quixote." Vanessa plays there Dulcinea. The role of Sancho Panza - Johnny Depp.

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