Vander Gaaz

Picture of Vander Gaaz

Date of Birth: 03/21/1878

Age: 82

Nationality: Netherlands


Haas (de Haas) Wander Johannes de (21.3.1878-26.4.1960), a Dutch physicist, member of the Academy of Sciences Noderlandskoy (1922). Rhode. at Fox. In 1895-1917 he worked in Leiden, Barlin, Potsdam, in Teylorovsom Museum in Harlem, in 1917-22 - Professor of the Higher Technical School in Delft, in 1922-24 - the Groningen University, in 1924-48 - a professor at Leiden University Press and director of the cryogenic laboratory named after Kamerlingh Onnes.

Works on low-temperature physics and superconductivity. Investigated the effects of low tnmperaturah, superconductivity, magnetic materials, has reached a record low temperature of 0.0002 K. In 1915, together with Einstein discovered experimentally and theoretically explained the phenomenon, which consists in the fact that when the body about an axis of magnetization becomes beside her rotary pulse proportional magnetization (Einstein effect - de Haas). In 1930, together with LV Shubnikov opened at low temperature dependence of the dependence of the electrical resistance of bismuth by the reciprocal of the magnetic field (the Shubnikov - de Haas), and in 1931 by P. van Alfven - dependence of the magnetic susceptibility of metals on the magnetic field (the de Gaza - van Alphen).