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BiographyVeterans of " vandalism " of Orange County began to count its activity almost from the first days of the birth of the local punk scene, but to reach a wide audience it was only in the early 90`s. However, during this time of their humorous and sarcastic music has had an influence on many subsequent commands.

Being spiritual ancestors "Offspring", "Blink-182 " and " Less than Jake "," Vandals " themselves drew inspiration from the " Dickies " and " Descendents ". The group was born in 1980 in Huntington Beach (from which also came " Crowd`s " and " TSOL ") thanks to guitarist Jan diligence Niels Ackermann. In the first part of the gang also included vocalist Stevo, bassist Steve Pfauter and drummer Joe Escalante. Concerts group is fairly violently, leading to a ban on the appearance of "Vandals" in some areas. But acquired notoriety has helped sales of their debut EP "Peace thru vandalism", which was released on the label "Bad religion", "Epitaph". One of the songs from this album ("Urban struggle") became a hit local radio stations. Vandals in the next two years, " vandals " were active in the vicinity of Orange County, breaking into any place, wherever it was possible. In 1985, with the participation of the new bass guitarist Chalmers Lyumari team recorded their first full-length published nebolshimleyblom "National trust". As a result, a couple of songs ("Lady Killer","Mohawk town") has received a residence permit at the local radio. The following years the group tortured staffing problems. For example, at the end of 1985, took place at the microphone ex- member of "Fallen idols" Dave Quackenbush and Escalante switched from drums to bass. In 1987, a team came guitarist Warren Fitzgerald, and in 1989 took up the drums, Josh Freese ,and at this stage the composition stabilized for a long time.

The team signed on to the independent punk label "Triple X", with which has made a powerful breakthrough in the form of the album "Fear of Punk Planet". Following "Vandals" reissued back catalog, and in 1994 took up the old material recycling, which is released on the live album "Sweatin` to the oldies".VandalsMezhdu by members of the group began to earn money on the side. Fitzgerald was playing in "Oingo Boingo", and Freese sessionschikom patched, and his participation was manifested in "Suicidal tendencies", "Infectious grooves", "A perfect circle" and even "Guns N`Roses".When the Californian punk began to experience Renaissance "Vandals" moved to offspringovsky label "Nitro records", which released two albums, "Live fast diarrhea" and "The quickening". And in 1996, Escalante and Fitzgerald founded the firm "Kung Fu", in which the group debuted with the disc "Oi to the world: Christmas with The Vandals".However, the musicians still had obligations to "Nitro records" and they executed them by issuing it "Hitler bad, Vandals good" and "Look what I almost stepped in".

At the beginning of the new millennium, Fitzgerald and Freese continued off- vandal activity, and drummer became interested in this business so ,I could not take part in the concerts of his main group. For the " Vandals " he now worked only in the studio, and " the gigs " had to invite others sessionschikov. His group gained full independence in 2002, noting the event the release of the album "Internet dating superstuds".

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Vandals picture
Vandals photo
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