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Van Halen

This is one of the most famous American heavy metal bands was born in 1973 in Pasadena, California.

Eddie Van Halen (born January 26, 1957, Nijmegen, The Netherlands,. Guitar, keyboards) , Alex Van Halen (p. May 8, 1955, Nijmegen, The Netherlands ; drums) and Michael Anthony (AR June 20, 1955, Chicago, USA ; bass), who played in "Broken Combs" persuaded vocalist David Lee Roth (R. October 10, 1955, Bloomington, USA) to leave the "Real Ball Jets" and join to them. Get the latest agreement, they changed the name of his group on "Mammoth". fulfilling the cavernousversion of the famous hard rock songs of the late 60 `s - early 70`s, the boys toured the bars and clubs of Los Angeles virtually non-stop during the mid 70s.

At one of these performances, and their spotted bass "Kiss" Gene Simmons. He was struck by the energy, they wound up the audience, and the bright talent of the singer. Simmons engaged in producing demos "Mammoth", but oddly enough most famous record companies refused to enter into a contract with the group. Then it was discovered that their name has already been registered, so the children had to be replaced. Roth suggested simply be called "Van Halen".

On the recommendation of Simmons ,Producer Ted Templeman engaged in the affairs of the group. The team liked him and he eventually persuaded "Warner brothers" to sign a contract with them. Under the leadership of Templeman "Van Halen" sat down in the studio and as a result in 1978 came their debut self-titled album. The release was well received by critics and was compared with the debut of "Montrose" in 1974. He manifested a unique fusion of energy and virtuosity of the guitar Eddie Van Halen and Roth`s self-assured vocals. Two million copies of this album were sold within 12 months, rose to 19 in the charts "Billboard". The disc was successfully sold and subsequently dispersed in the US by 1996, sold more than 9 million copies.The magazine "Guitar Player" called Eddie Van Halen`s " best new guitarist in 1978 ".

"Van Halen II", made ??in the same vein as his predecessor had not less success. Tricks Roth on stage became even more sensational - it was a showman with a capital letter, skillfully combined theatrical stunts with a stunning voice ,achieving great effect. On the album "Women and children first" group slightly deviated from its former style, began experimenting with the use of synthesizers. This trend has continued its development in the "Fair Warning", where the style of the musicians was already totally different from their early work. "Diver down" the weakest album, "Van Halen", because most are more or less decent tracks here are cover versions of songs 60. But many of the fans continued to buy up their plates, and the disc, like all previous ones, has received " platinum ". Eddie Van Halen was a guest during the recording of the next Michael Jackson hit "Beat it" in February of 1983.

The album "1984" returned "Van Halen" was lost positions. Headed song "Jump" (

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