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Date of Birth: 08/23/1965

Age: 51

Place of birth: Moscow

Citizenship: Russia


Athlete or actor?

Since childhood, Valery Nikolaev seriously engaged in sports. By the eighth grade, he managed to achieve good results in the gym and getting ready to take on the candidate for master of sports. But fate decreed otherwise, - Valery suddenly broke his arm, and had to give up this great sport. It was necessary to think over their future ...

At school, where he studied Valery, a teacher of Russian language and literature are constantly organized theatrical lessons. Guys put performances on different works. Valery liked it, and he decided to try his hand at acting break. Then it seemed to him that the play on the stage of easy, convenient, fun.


After graduating from the 10th class, Valery filed papers to several theater schools. I do not dare to do it only in the Moscow Art Theatre School. As recognized by the actor himself, he was just a little afraid of such a serious institution. The first attempt was unsuccessful. Valery has failed everywhere.

But in the Forestry Institute, economist at the young man entered immediately. However, having studied for a year, Valery realized that the economy has neither the ability nor the desire, and he again filed papers in college theater. Again it everywhere waiting for a failure, and only in the same School of the Moscow Art Theater, which he carefully avoided initially, he was lucky. Apparently, this was the fate of ...

The School of the Moscow Art Theater Valery Nikolayev lucky enough to learn from the pilot course of the outstanding actor Oleg Pavlovich Tabakov. Along with him learned Yevgeny Mironov, Vladimir Mashkov, Irina Apeksimova. Later, Irina became the wife Valery Nikolaev. The couple had a daughter, Dasha ...

In the period of study, Valery in 1989 was on probation at the University of Florida. In the United States, he studied dance (jazz and tap dance), got acquainted with the American theater, mainly from Tennessee Williams. After internship Nikolaev received a diploma in dance class. A year later, Valery again visited America. In Sarasotskom State University, he again studied dance in various forms - jazz, ballet, modern ...

In 1990, Valery Nikolaev graduated from high school studio, and was accepted into the troupe of the Moscow Art Theatre Chekhov, for that matter, and Irina Apeksimova.

Resulting in the US training helped Valery as a choreographer to stage Theater, five plays, and in 2000 he acted as director of the Ballet of the musical "My Fair Lady".

From the "Niagara" to "Bourgeois

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