Valeriy Velichko

Picture of Valeriy Velichko

Date of Birth: 02/10/1945

Age: 71

Citizenship: Russia


Born February 10, 1945 in the city of Tabriz (Tabriz) (Iranian Azerbaijan) in a family of the Soviet military. His father served in the equestrian body, graduated from Tambov Cavalry School. Mother - a military doctor, a native of the Dagestani city of Buinaksk, was one of the first North-Caucasian women completed medical school, became a doctor and received the rank of second lieutenant. The parents have been through the war together. In 1944, when the cavalry was no longer needed the Soviet army corps stationed in Iran. His mother died in 1947.

In 1971 he graduated from the Physics Department of the Voronezh State University on a specialty "Radio Physics and Electronics". He graduated from the Higher Courses of the KGB in Minsk.

After graduation he worked two years as a design engineer at the enterprises of the defense industry.

Since 1973 - the State Security, where he served for nearly 25 years. He worked as a security officer of KGB in the Voronezh region, carrying out counter-intelligence activities in the field of rocketry. He worked in the departments of economic counterintelligence. Since 1980 - in the central apparatus of the KGB. Last dolzhnostv KGB (until autumn 1991) - Chief of Staff of the Ninth management (protection of party and government).

In August 1991, he supported the Emergency Committee, and a half years spent under investigation. Later he said that he and the Emergency Committee members wanted to preserve the Soviet Union. ( "Tribune", 13 May 2003)

In October 1993, he supported the Supreme Soviet defenders.

He was among the founders of "Russian National Economic Security Service" (RNSEB) and the Center for special training of private security guards and bodyguards.

In June 1993, he created the Association of non-state enterprises of safety "protection of commercial structures Office Center" (BOX); Director General of the Association of non-governmental security companies "Boxing Association".

In November 1993, organized by the State Security Veterans Club (Vega).

Since the end of 1997 - a member of the Advisory Council of the Federal Security Service Director.

In the early days of the Movement in Support of the Army (DPA) General Lev Rokhlin - in 1997 - was a member of DPA ( "Rokhlin is no extremism in the left").

Major General stock.

Author of books and articles on the history of Russian state protection.

Hobbies: books, history, numismatics.