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Author: Valeriy Konovalov

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Survivor in snowdrift

The last time we saw him more than two years ago.

It was right after him with something iron hit on the head near the house, stripped and buried in the snow, thinking already dead. But he woke up in the morning. Climbed out. A day later I came into the office. He told the story as an anecdote.

However, another talk about whatever Potokina just can not. All he gets fun. He was. On the face almost never goes smile. The eyes are always burning. Energy abounds.

About five years ago I was told on the pages of "Izvestia" about his adventures. Since then, they added, and they have become much more diverse.


The case of a snowdrift - episode of the fighting, which was then Potokina. On it were attacked several times. They took the car. We reached and daughter - almost crippled as she walked home from school, well, he had to save her and the bandit held personally led the police.

All this because of the horses. They have led Potokina most primitive and insolent manner rival, whom he considered a partner. Fairly well-known in the horse business firm. Potokina tried to return his goods through the courts. His response began to threaten. Then he passed from words to deeds. Life turned into a steeplechase. However, he did not lose heart.

- Do not they succeed me "dolman" - explained winking - as intuition, and I have it brutal.

Knife Thrower

Valera Potokina to scrapes and tests are not used to it. What he just was not in my life. And a scout in the army, and a diver in the Far East, and co-operator ... In the movie came out of curiosity. I wanted to just look like film stars, actors and seen live. I learned that the crew picture "Let`s talk, brother," director Yury Chulyukin need a photographer. And he has just the last place of work - a photo studio.

I came employed - came to a rehearsal of the scene in which the protagonist has to throw the knife. Instructor actor Grigoriev "put his hand": "That`s - fingers here, swing away, the knife flies there ..." However, the knife from the instructor did not want to go there, where it is necessary, and the ugly fall near the tree. The instructor knew how to, but he could not. Potokina laughed.

- Give me the knife. Learn while I`m alive.

The blade sank into the wood so that it sang.

- Once again, as you can - said the director Chulyukin.

Potokina threw the knife with the same effect several times in succession.

- You`re free, - said Chulyukin instructor.

He suggested Potokina work. He thought, photographer, or in extreme cases - knife thrower. It turned out that a stuntman.

fatal leap

So he found a profession in which to implement many of his abilities, some of which - since childhood, and some - from the army, and turbulent adolescence. Jumping on a horse, do a somersault, shoot, throw knives, drive a car, fencing ... All this could prodelyvat not only for their own pleasure, but also for a decent salary. Many are not less exciting learned to have on set. For example, falling from the eleventh floor, remaining intact, or breathe a pillar of fire.

He has worked with famous directors acted in famous films.

And he broke in the "Battle of Moscow" from the winner of the Lenin Prize Yuri Ozerov. He puts himself and performed the fatal trick. We must byloprygnut into the river from the bridge next to the boat so that it overturned. It turned out, unfortunately, even more impressive than intended. The boat suddenly spun and Potokina hit right into it, and not in the water.

After two intensive care has become on its feet. But not as hard as before. One leg was "broken". He lost his beloved profession, as doctors say, forever. Potokina have issued disability, which again was the reason for his jokes.

Well, I - disabled!

- It is generally anecdote with my disability. Since late for the St. Petersburg train and catch up with him on the bike. Well caught, got into his car with great ... Himself think, I should be such a scene necessarily in a movie vtyuhat. A conductor I have discount ticket takes - a student or something? I say not-e disabled. And I show her the document. She looks at me, then - on the ticket, on the bike and lost the power of speech. Just like Gaidai, remember, Morgunov fit belly forward: Well, I - invalid!


Favorite trick Potokina have always been a horse. After the injury he switched to horses. He organized one of the first cooperatives in the country horse. Bought in herds of stallions, rode them - "breezing", expressed himself as professionally - then sold, and the proceeds have already acquired for the soul and big business - the Akhal-Teke. Soon became famous horse breeders, he joined the International Association of Akhal-Teke horse-breeding, undertaken more jointly with German colleagues a unique running ... And here "hit".

The horses had at first simply taken away, and then forged documents to the deal. Examination has established a fake, but the court it did not react. Potokina felt the iron grip of the enemy. He lost even where defeated. Passed in the bandit police, attacked a daughter, and that immediately released under an amnesty. Telephone threats did not stop, day or night. He sent the children away from him. I went to understand opponents personally.

- Horses do not get - told him - and if he want to stay safe and save the children, forget about the courts and complaints, we have everything under control.

- Well, - said Potokina - your picked, let even say goodbye.

- Say goodbye.

He hugged his most beloved horse. But I do not cry, but in his usual broad smile. Then he jumped on horseback and so abruptly pulled away, as they can only he and two or three stuntman. When behind shouts, and then shots began the chase, it was too late - he jumped over the fence and pulled away from the prosecution.

Killer for stuntman

Potokina long gone after those selected from the snowdrift, went to the office. I was worried whether his vaunted intuition did not fail. And then the bell.

- Guten Morgen, Guten tag! - Joyfully announced Potokina. - How are you? Come to visit me - to Germany. I`ve been close to Saarbrucken. Telefonchik write down ...

Prior to Germany during that time I have not got. And already on his return, Potokina told me how he got there and got stuck in two years. He came to his partner - a German with whom undertaken a running horse. And then a phone call from Moscow. A faithful man said that after a treatment Potokina the court the defendants hired killer for him.

- There is a problem? - I asked a German colleague, he heard a strange conversation for Potokina telefonu.- small - reassured him Valera - I want to kill it. But you do not worry about it, I`ll deal.

Free services

German still "took down" Potokina problem and took him to the office, which, he explained, is just there to organize the lives of those who are at home unbearable.

- There`s this thing delivered solid - says Potokina. - The main thing - to translate the documents into German. And they have me always with them all - so reliable. Statements answers, expert opinion, medical examinations, protocols ... You see, everything is now in German. Here you go: HERR POTOKIN - it`s me. Documents handed over - and then your clothes, products, key to the apartment. There`s a whole village of trehetazhek - twenty houses. Bedroom apartments, with kitchen, bathroom, in the room - for three. Family well - and I got to the Belarusians. Pili brothers-Slavs soundly, sleep disturbed. They are in fact the builders to come to shabashku. They brought some papers - we supposedly oppressed at home, we are refugees, they say. The Germans akkuratisty - take any nonsense, sutured in a folder, start checking, send requests. Then ask something in your pieces of paper not that addresses such in nature and names too? And Belarusians: yes it is something we do with emotion podnaputali, that`s so right - now check. And so you can almost indefinitely. The Germans understand that their prick, but suffer - in order! Three times a week grub issue, linen changed. And when earned my neighbors, much as they wanted, and most of the snaps are swollen, the Germans say: we, they say, changed their minds, Danke Schoen, go to the house. And there is such a freeloaders Internationale - and the Arabs, and our, and negros ...

In the queue for foot

Potokina time in vain did not want to spend. First I decided to go with his lawsuit to the European judges.

- Have all documents prepared - there is in fact goat is clear that I am right, the statement wrote, but then I realized: it`s not for me. A wise man explained, at best, give a recommendation in your favor, and who is going to perform? And then - put in place for the "Foot", which is suing, but nothing will ever get. I thought and thought, and in the other place has become over the foot. Personally for his - crippled. I offered to doctors: if you`re here on the content - let`s survey the, and then - recorded for an operation, there is, say, the chance of full recovery. I waited in the wings. Surgeon fellow, used the chance - brought me back to the stunt. So I, too, from the one piece of good freebies snatched. The forty thousand oyrikov them my foot cost. And I for free. Oyrikami we there called the euro. Then I realized it was time to go home.

How to compose a thriller

Right in the editorial office, using props like chairs and tables, Potokina showed a reduced form - performed somersaults, jumps, stunts. And in between times he shared plans. He is now going to do three things simultaneously.

First, go back to the movies. Already gaining a group of stuntmen. Several of his horses, he still managed to save. And among them are the main pride - the famous Akhal-Teke Gaygysyz worth half a million dollars.

- Seen on TV: Malik Saidullaev his stallion show, so this is my son Gaygysyza. I have it in all the catalogs and magazines featured. Only for mating with him the official price - five thousand bucks.

- And that there is a demand now horse tricks?

- So our aces all departed. We have also the best school in the world of horse stuntman. Americans hold a candle to us and not good. And now many of my friends work in Hollywood. Here Eugene Bogorodsky recently shown at Nahapetova in American film, remember there is such a son of a gun gold buying - so is he. And in due time it instead of Andryusha Rostotsky as coach Denis Davydov caught up and it would jump. Victor Ivanov, also in Hollywood - super stunt. Now after all the West, except for horse tricks, little is necessary. Technology is such that avtotryuki, for example, people do not need. And all sorts of jumping from the roofs of any artist without much risk without a backup can do with moving cables.

- But we have now did not seem to make a film with scenes of horse?

- So - organize. If the offer is good - will demand. I`m here about a film about Don Cossacks dream. In general, I make a script about their history - will supertriller.

- As a component? You do not seem to be in this respect?

- To make a good script thriller, it must first survive, then get a life, and not the bullshit that is now on TV show. That is - live and recorded.

The quarrel with Paul McCartney

The second case takes Potokina no less. He already took a fancy to a native Voronezh parforsnoy land for hunting.

- This is when riding without a weapon for a fox or hare chase, with birds of prey or with hounds. In Germany, however, smart enough, and without beast itself - there fox urine and mark the route to yourself chasing. But this, in my opinion, wrong.

Potokina am sure it will go from good customers will not rebound. Worried it only the history of the recent idol.

- I love the Beatles with childhood. And now, when I listen to the heart ekaet. And Paul McCartney so respected, well, just as a close friend. But now! I think that we quarreled with him. Strongly he disappointed me. He began to speak out against parforsnoy hunting in England. And he did it. Now, there is a case severely limited. As if they protect animals so! But in reality - just the opposite. If a fox chase, they are less sick with rabies, it is proved. And then it has always been known that strong animal dog will never catch up, then the selection is, the improvement of the breed.

Movies and parfors is two things. And what of the third?

- Like what? - Surprised Potokina. - Because I`ll do all the same to me my back. They are, however, think that the rest will be taken away, but this is unlikely.

I decided - and I am not afraid

- Something I do not understand - I ask Potokina - what has changed, why are you hiding from his recent opponents, and now he is going to meet them.

- Something I do not understand - I ask Potokina - what has changed, why are you hiding from his recent opponents, and now he is going to meet them.

- I`m afraid to stop. I decided not to be afraid - not afraid. Certainly not from the bay-floundering decided. Here I feel: the life around me. People, of course, the same ones that were and bureaucrats and gangsters ... Maybe they have all the same reach. But this is the fate. And - my particular case. But in general, the trend in the life of another. It is my intuition. Previously, all sought to lawlessness, and now - to order.

Who knows, maybe stuntman Potokina rights.

Intuition he really brutal.