Valeriy Ponomarev

Picture of Valeriy Ponomarev

Citizenship: Russia

Career Komsomol line

He worked as a commodity, then built a career on the Komsomol. Last post - the head of the propaganda department of the Kamchatka regional committee of Komsomol.

Since 1991, the CEO of "Zodiac" (manufacturer license plates for cars).

Since 2011, member of the Federation Council of the Kamchatka region.

Shareholder INTERPROMBANK. Another shareholder is Rachamim Emanuilov, president of the interaction of civilizations and a prominent representative of the community of Mountain Jews in Moscow.

Co-owner "Okeanrybflot", one of the largest fishing enterprises of Kamchatka. The rating also represented by his business partners Igor and Vasily Evtushok Polukarov.

Producer of the film "Rock Climber. The last of the seventh cradle "(synopsis," a fascinating, incredible and full of dangers history of salvation message of the ancient civilization of the modern world is unfolding in different parts of the world "). According KinoPoisk.ru film grossed $ 1.3 million with a budget of $ 6 ppm


The fleet Ponomarev Porsche Cayenne Turbo, Bentley Continental GT, Bentley Arnage R, Ferrari F430 and GAZ-21.