Valeriy Ganichev

Picture of Valeriy Ganichev

Date of Birth: 07/03/1933

Age: 83

Place of birth: Pestovo station

Citizenship: Russia


Born on July 3, 1933 at Pestovo station, Leningrad region. Father - Nikolai (1903 born.). Mother - Anfisa S. (1911 born.). Daughter - Mirina (born 30. 08. 1960.).

He graduated from the Kiev State University with a degree historian (1956). He worked as a teacher of high school history (1956, in Nikolaev, Ukraine). From 1956 - 1967 years. - In the Komsomol in the Ukraine and in Moscow; he served as Deputy Chief Editor of "Young Guard" magazine (1964 - 1965 years, Moscow.), director of the publishing house "Young Guard" (1968 - 1978 gg.), chief editor of the newspaper "Komsomolskaya Pravda" (1978 - 1980 gg.) . Since 1981 till now he is the chief editor of "Roman newspaper", since 1994 - Chairman of the Writers` Union. Doctor of Historical Sciences, Professor of Moscow State University. MV Lomonosov Moscow State University (1978), Academician of the Academy of Creativity, Academician and Vice-President of the International Slavic Academy, Deputy Head of the World Russian People`s Council, Deputy Chairman of the All-Russian Society for Protection of Monuments. Honored Worker of Culture, Commander of the Order of the Red Banner, two Orders of "Badge of Honor" and other awards. He is the author of historical novels, "Ross invincible", "Tula lexicographer", "Flotovozhd (Admiral Ushakov)", "fire", "For the sake of the children" and others. Author of numerous publications and books: "Youth Print" (25 l n..), "Russian mile" (the book of critical, literary, istoricheskih publications), "Heirs" and many others. He is fond of the study of the problems and the history of Russian philosophy (Rossika). Actively participates in scientific and public life. As part of writers, academics, youth delegations visited more than 40 countries, including the USA, Germany, France, Portugal, India, Bangladesh, Japan, Pakistan, Syria, Iraq, South Africa, Seychelles, Cuba, Canada, Sweden, Greece, Ghana.

Lives and works in Moscow.

Location: Russia, Moscow, ul. Novobasmannaya house. 19.