Valerian Golitsin

Picture of Valerian Golitsin

Date of Birth: 09/23/1803

Age: 56

Citizenship: Russia


Born in Yaroslavl. He was brought up to 11 years at home, then in St. Petersburg a year at the Jesuit boarding house and two in the guest house Zhonsona, then in Moscow for two years in a pension Schlozer professor, where he entered the Corps of Pages. The service enlisted in the Corps of Pages pazhom - 29.03.1811, page-cameras - 02/01/1820, released an ensign in the Life Guards Preobrazhensky Regiment - 26/03/1821, Lieutenant - 03.20.1822, Lieutenant - 12.12.1823, dismissed from military service - 03.02.1824, enrolled in the Department of Foreign Trade with the renaming of the titular counselor - 02.02.1825, gentleman of the bedchamber - 31/05/1825 .

A member of the Northern Society (1823).

Arrested on 23.12.1825 and held in St. Petersburg on the city guard, 12.24.1825 delivered to the fortress ( "send if the book. Golitsyn put in the brig, containing strict, but good") and kept on guard at the gate of Peter "separately from the other."

Sentenced to VIII category and confirmation 10/07/1826 sentenced to exile in Siberia for settlement ever. Sent in Kirensk Irkutsk province - 31/07/1826 (signs: growth of 2 feet of 4 inches, "the person is white, suhoschav, average nose, hair and eyebrows black, brown eyes"), the term reduced to 20 years - 22/08/1826 .

Highest ordered to determine the ordinary in the Caucasus - 20/02/1829, a member of Russian-Turkish war of 1828-1829, enrolled in 42 Jager Regiment - 01/07/1829, non-commissioned officer - 12/01/1829, translated into 9 Caucasian line battalion (located in Astrakhan) - 01/01/1830 in infantry c. Paskevich Regiment - 25/01/1833 (located in the King`s well), in Kabardian Jaeger Regiment of the Caucasian line - in December 1834, the non-commissioned officer -4.6.1835, Ensign - 31/05/1837. dismissed for illness to determine a councilor of state affairs in Astrakhan - 07.22.1838, allowed to serve in civil authority in the Caucasus region - 09.17.1838, joined the staff of the General Caucasian Regional Department of Stavropol. Dismissed from service due to illness with the purpose of living in the Eagle under the secret surveillance - 09.28.1839, allowed to leave for the summer estate of sisters, c. Ekaterina Mikhailovna Saltykova (m Higlavichi Mogilev province.) - 03.05.1841, allowed to come to Moscow for marriage - 03.19.1842, in January 1843 after the wedding went in with. Arkhangelsk-Khovanshchina Epifanovskogo County Tula province, where he lived, engaged in farming, are allowed to live in Moscow, under strict supervision - 03.30.1853 released from supervision - 30/03/1856. According to Amnesty 26.08.1856 he and the children returned to the princely title, free of all restrictions, collegiate registrar - 10.28.1856, dismissed from service - 24/02/1857. He died of cholera in the estate Matokse Shlisselbourg County, buried in Moscow at the Danilov Monastery, the tomb has not been preserved.

Wife (from 23.01.1843, Moscow) - QL. Daria Andreevna Ukhtomskaya (03/19/1824 - 12/24/1871), was raised in his mother`s house; children: Leonilla (. p 28.05.1844, married to Ivan Alexandrovich Sipagin) and Mstislav (born 12.28.1847.), to which both the grandnephew 05/21/1863 primogeniture passed with the addition of the title c. Osterman-Tolstoy. Brothers Alexander and Leonid (02/15/1806 - 02/23/1860), a cornet of the Life Guards Hussar Regiment (1826), then chamberlain, State Councillor; sister - Catherine, the maid of honor (in 1826).