Valeri Brainin

Picture of Valeri Brainin

Date of Birth: 01/27/1948

Age: 68

Citizenship: Russia


Born into a family of Austrian poet and translator, political emigre Boris Brainin L., lit. alias Sepp Osterreicher, 1905-1996 (family of Viennese Brainin (nem.), which gave many famous figures of culture and science), and a pediatrician Asi Ilinichny Brainina, nee. Passek, 1919-2005.

V.B.Braynin received mathematical (spets. mat. School, gold medal, winner of the mat. Olympiads), linguistic (in.-yaz. teacher`s college, never finished), composer (muz. School, with honors) and musical-pedagogical ( ped. University, with honors) degree. He was expelled from the Nizhny Tagil Pedagogical Institute for human rights activities in the 1970s. Prior to 1970 headed the literary studio Nizhny Tagil city and regional houses of Pioneers, he participated in the literary studio at Nizhny Tagil City Library as one of the leaders. During study in Sverdlovsk was a member of the City lit. associations, organized poetry club them. Pablo Neruda at the Ural State Conservatory, [4] was performed as a composer on gorodskihploschadkah and the All-Union radio station "Youth". After moving to Moscow was performed including the Bolshoi Theater (string quartet