Valentina Maliavina

Picture of Valentina Maliavina

Date of Birth: 06/18/1941

Age: 75

Place of birth: Moscow

Citizenship: Russia


Author: Catherine Romanenkova

Website: Celebrities

- Valentina, what happened on that fateful night when Stanislav Zhdankov died?

- Stas was not in the mood. Victor Proskurin invited us to the premiere of the play "Thief" in Lenk, he played a major role. Performance greatly upset Stas, he believed that the main role should belong to him. At this time, Stas was in a creative crisis and painfully endured the luck of other actors. After the premiere of Victor drove to our house, we drank. Victor left and we were alone. Already I do not remember why we began our quarrel, but when I did not have words, I grabbed a bottle of wine and began to drink it straight from the bottle. I knew that this act more than any words offend Stas - he always came into a rage when I drank. Of course the poor bottle I drank the rest of the wine poured into the sink: When I returned to the room Stas lying on the floor, that he inflicted a mortal wound, I realized at once.

- You have been accused of murder?

- At that time, the investigator carefully approached the case. He understood that it was suicide, so the case was closed. And what I see, I judged herself: I`m to blame for his death, not doglyadela, did not protect. I always remembered his last words: "Valya, come with me!", But I could not decide on this step, I - a believer. Another trouble came when I did not expect. I was at home mom, suddenly broke into the apartment a few people began to rummage in the cupboards, shake the book, and I was told to get dressed. I was taken to the Butyrka, the more I did not return home ...

- Why you are arrested not once, but five years after the tragedy? It`s like someone`s revenge.

- It`s not that someone is me "Framed", I was surrounded by good people, I do not believe that any of them are capable of such baseness. But I was all the time required of the KGB, and I categorically refused, and did so boldly, with a proud grin. I said: "I do not Mata Hari, I have a beautiful and talented actress." I threatened that I can not go on tour abroad, but I still went, because I was busy most of the theater productions. Who will play what, if I was removed? When Stas died behind me began to walk on his heels. I left the theater Vakhtangov. To sell its luxury library, that is what she was, I was helped by friends, Voloden`ka Vysotsky - my eternal duty of the heart: One day at the hairdresser asked me Galya Brezhnev: "The Pope will die, you will be put immediately to go abroad.".

- What prevented you take advice?

- How could I leave? Quit my Arbat? All the years while I was in prison, I remembered the Arbat, it may be the realization that I am - a girl from the Arbat helped me survive. And when I came back, I did not recognize your favorite street: these colorful shopping trays, the singing and reading poetry incomprehensible people, colorless, mediocre and not memorable. These video cameras that monitor your every step - for the years spent in prison, I learned how to feel when spying on me. And these terrible lights - "ofonarevshy Arbat", as he called it my friend Sasha Shalevich. I felt terribly sad. And still my dream is to go back to the Arbat, I want to live there again, because a lot of memories associated with this place.

- First love came and to you, too, from the Arbat?

- This was the famous Arbat Sasha Zbruev bully, gay, reckless guy, handsome! It all neighboring girls were in love. When I first saw it, I decided that he will be mine. Indeed, one of my eyes was enough to catch his heart. At that time I was only seventeen years old, but I knew very early age because of their sight: cost me the guy a long and hard look, he melted like oil. Roman Sasha spun very rapidly and quickly, within a month, I realized that she was pregnant. This fact does not scare me, because it was near my beloved boy, my Sasha, who immediately decided to go to the registrar. A funny thing happened in the registry office. We were almost painted, made memorable pictures, and suddenly found that I was a minor. And we drove away. I had to take the permission of the Board.

- Your parents did not know about the wedding?

- Weddings and no it was not. We came home to me, stood in the doorway, holding hands, marriage certificate, I hid behind. Mom first on we did not pay attention, then asked: "What are you clinging to the wall, have done something?". Sasha replies: "Quite a bit done, we were married." Mum in tears. Then we all went to Tatyana Alexandrovna, Sasha`s mom. She reacted calmly to the news, only strictly asked: "Well, what are you going to live?". This problem is somehow resolved itself, Sasha began to take off, I entered the Moscow Art Theatre School, and I also was invited to shoot. When I first crossed the threshold of the school-studio, I was confused, I did not know where to turn, where to send the documents. I see is a guy with a red armband - duty. It was Vladimir Vysotsky, he immediately took me by the hand and led to classrooms, promised that I will do, and be sure to become a famous actress, and then said: "From now on, I`ll be your duty to the heart." Since that first meeting, we became friends forever, Volodya supported me in difficult situations. I`m terribly worried his early death: I remember, he invited me to a party, the evening did not let go of yourself entertained with jokes, playing the guitar. Bewitched his songs, I stayed until morning.

- As at the time did your family life?

- Sasha and I were at an age when they had scant idea of ??the family life. He disappeared on the set, I was waiting for him, and carried his child. Once my mother and Sasha took me to the doctor for an examination. I was a little girl and did not understand, did not understand what my dear woman can conceive meanness. The doctor did some prick a few minutes, I felt sick, and I was taken to the hospital. When I woke up, I felt between my legs some ball, threw a blanket: it was my baby girl. I lost the baby Sasha.

- Your husband did not know about this "conspiracy"?

- What do you mean? Sasha was at this time in the film expedition. When he arrived, he was shocked, he really wanted this baby. He decided that I did it on their own, and strongly beat me. I did not prove anything to him, was a very young and proud. But there`s something to this point in our relationship went wrong. We continued to live together, but almost not seen, because both were lost during the shooting. At this time I was invited Andrei Tarkovsky in his film "Ivan`s Childhood". He just looked at me again and said that this role for me. Andrei tried to tie me to him, he wanted me to be shot only with him. We were never lovers, our relationship was platonic, but they were even more sexy, painfully than if we were sharing the same bed. Nobody believed in the purity of our feelings, no. But I loved him madly, he showed me the whole world, and I just let him go ...

- Zbruev jealous of you?

- He was jealous. He himself was not sinless, always liked girls and not to deprive them attention, so I just did not realize that love each other man and woman can live without sex. He was jealous of me to Andrei Tarkovsky, to Andron Konchalovsky, with whom we are also very good friends, and then became jealous of Sasha Kaidanovskaya: The first time I saw him in the role of Hamlet in a production Gnessin School. From the first moment I was struck in his face was inscrutable mind of madness and at the same time. He was a genius! Then we take a closer look. We had a completely different outlook on life, but we possessed a passion. For six years we have lived under the same roof. He was jealous of me, too, but was jealous: the theater. We played together in Vakhtangov, then Kaidanovsky kicked, and I was left, besides playing in almost all productions. Sasha saw to it that I do not dress nice when I go to the theater, did not allow to be painted. I got pregnant, but to give birth to this unpredictable man was afraid, had an abortion. Sasha insisted that we were married, but after the death of my daughter, I do not for one did not want to get married ...

- You`re talking about a child, Vadim?

- When we divorced Zbrueva, I was called to appear in the film "Sunflower" talented director Pavel Arsenov, and I left him in Rostov steppe. I remember standing in the middle of the endless steppe, the rider flies on me. A stone`s throw away from me the horse rears up, Pasha`s Hussar jumps, comes up to me close, close and gently kisses. "Will you be my wife, I mind it." And kisses again. I was stupefied. On the one hand, I was fascinated by this onslaught, and on the other - I was seething with indignation: he could for me to decide and impose their will on me. And yet, very soon we got married. However, our marriage was tragic. I gave birth to a daughter. It was just at the time when the Moscow wave of child deaths due to the fault of the hospital medical staff. My little girl brought the infection, and it was among the bitter statistics. After the death of dear daughter, I continue to feel good about Pasha, but to be his wife, I could not, I could not touch his body, kissing him, with me something happened. I began to look for solace in wine. It helped, but it soon became an integral part of my existence.

- Now you do not regret that you did not give birth later?

- I do not know whether I am right or not, but I do not regret that I have no children. My arrest for them would be a real tragedy.

- It turns out that most of your men knew each other well, and it seems that in your destiny, they were at one time. Do not you think that this is treason?

- I loved them all, each in its own way, but very fond of. Everyone I gave a part of themselves, I did not change myself, and this is important. When I was fourteen, I was hiding from the rain in the gypsy tent. An old gypsy woman for a long time stared at me, and then started talking, looking straight into his eyes: "You`re up early get married, but your husband will not be the only one you will bear children, but will not raise them in your life will be a lot of love, but sorrow in. it will be even more. You`re going to pay for something that did not commit and do something that is not going to. " At that moment I did not understand anything of the predictions, but then often recalled the old gypsy.

- It turns out that your meeting with Stas Zhdankov was sealed?

- Stas was much younger than me. I remember him as a teenager, he came to my performances and gave flowers, took autographs. He was a fan of mine, trying to draw attention to themselves and at the same time was a defiant-sloppy: dirty disheveled hair, whipped tarpaulin boots, untidy clothes and causing this horrible laugh. Then he enrolled in drama school and was sweeping the yard outside my window. I noticed his presence, but attention to it did not pay, I do not know his name. One day I got a call Sasha Kajdanovsky and said that I have to look at the performance of the student theater in which plays Zhdankov Raskolnikov. What I saw at the performance was incredible: a young man with a very pale face and blue-blue eyes, as if hidden behind a light squint. His face changed instantly, and as he slowly ran his hand over the bed Sonia my spine crawl. After the show I went to him, kissed him and said: "I very much understand you." The more I is not ran, I was just sinking into the abyss of feelings.

- What kind of person he was?

- A little bit strange. He lived in a strange room, where on the wall hung axes, knives, whisks. And over the table I was attached my picture. When I first came to visit him, he took me to the mirror and stared at the reflection of the two of us, he liked to see me there. Then he said, "Stand aside." He took the ax and smashed the mirror to pieces. I was terribly frightened, shrank into a corner and I did not know to escape or stay. Probably, if I was being reasonable, I would then have gone and would never come back to the person who is so changed my life. But I was being in love, and therefore continued to huddle in a corner. Stas, meanwhile, lowered the ax on the floor, came up to me, put his arm around her shoulders and said, "Do not worry, I killed his former self, how I was to you." With the advent of my life Stas, I changed myself. I committed suicide with his passion for wine, because it did not like Stasik, I`m with a new force took up the job. But as far as everything was well in my career, so bad career evolved from Stas. Leading roles in the theater he was not given, the film "Mistakes of youth", which he hoped was lying on a shelf, and he wanted so much glory, not ever, and without delay. One day I looked at the palm of his beautiful and suddenly noticed that the lifeline is cut two scars. Once I was fond of palmistry and knew that these scars can only mean a tragic death. I was scared, I began to ask where Stas had these scars. It turned out that one day at the festival he was sad, and he crushed at the table in the palm of a crystal wine glass. He was a man of moods. And on that tragic night he had a very bad mood. Unfortunately the day before I gave sharpen our unique, ever blunt kitchen knife. Stas did not know ...

- When you - bohemian woman, for the first time appeared in the camera that you most impressed?

- Accuracy. Even where there is despair or to what is not the case, the woman continued to keep order, to keep clean, and most importantly, do not forget to look after themselves. Imagine, I was taught from the burnt matches, sugar and soap chips do mascara, plaster on the walls, we used as a shade, on paper wind hair and porridge put on the face nourishing mask instead. But what there was a library! I realized that in prison you can live. Many years ago, I studied the lines on his hand, found a sign on the palm prison. It occurred to me then that this is nonsense, I, with my welfare even think about it was terrible. And here it is necessary! Not for nothing is said: "From prison and from scrip do not promise."

- They say that in prison cruel laws, as you could resist this?

- I never allowed myself to humiliate, it was my law, and took the other. I was treated well, and the prisoners and the guards. Maybe it played a role that I recognized actress. Time was this: the actress, then the idol, I tried not to trample on the contrary, be respected. Prison - this is not a nightmare. There all who are able to feel and to think turning to God. And God helps. Even in Butyrka I had a prophetic dream, as if I am flying into the abyss, and at the bottom of the terrible thorns. Suddenly I picks up a soft cloud and make up. At that I woke up. I thank God that I did not fall into the abyss, and was able to survive.

- It is no secret that in the women`s prison because of a lack of men novels occur among women.

- I`m in prison was a wonderful young man - a big thief. Burning brunette with blue eyes, Volodya. As he looked after me! How he managed to pass me gifts. A secret meetings under a full moon ?! About our novel knew. Of course, he brightened my stay in prison. He was released before me. Imagine, I even let go with him to say goodbye, but down to ride the camp stood.

- You saw Volodya after the conclusion?

- One day he called me at night. The tube took my husband Maxim Krasnov and roughly asked him: "Do you know what time it is?". He did not call, and I do not know what happened to him, where he is, but always remember him. Eventually, I lost all those with whom had known in prison. Once my girls came, we sat, drank, began to recall the past. I sat and thought that these people were to me very strange. There, in the area we had a common goal - freedom, and here everyone has their own road. So it turned out that my way is an entirely different direction. I decided that these meetings are no longer needed.

- You let go early as you met free life?

- I got in a whole new country, I was confused. It was difficult to walk on the streets, cross the road - a whole new crazy rhythm of the city. This incomprehensible alteration, and then all the tanks went through the streets. I just went crazy. Well, there were old friends. Larisa Eskov, her husband and daughter, Masha Vertinskaya, Lily Oleshnikova - I meet with all today. Sasha Zbruev invited me to the opening of the restaurant "Tram", and his two wives endlessly call me and complain about it. I drove to Sasha Kaidanovskaya, he was extremely happy to see me again, but his wife Inna Pivars would not let me on the threshold and threw a terrible scandal. It is terribly jealous. Not him she was a woman. He did not love her, and she loved him terribly.

- As a teenager, you were very good friends with Inna Gulaya, why is it not say a word?

- We were Arbat girls together had an affair with the boys, they changed dresses. They talk about their girls` troubles. Then I married Sasha Zbrueva and Ina for Gena Shpalikov very talented poet and filmmaker. They have a daughter. But genes started with work problems, which also affected the Innu. Inna moved away from me, she probably envied me. For some reason it reminded my judgment, and in the first row of richly dressed and brightly painted Ina. She exulted. I do not hold it hurt, it sin, the more that Inochka decided to withdraw from life, when I was released, we did not even have time to see.

- After prison you remarried?

- I am on a horoscope, "twin" and "twins" can not stand alone. Maxim Krasnov won me the fact that he had "golden hands", he is a blacksmith known in artistic circles master metal. That he forged fence around the Tretyakov Gallery. Looking at him, and I took up Fine Arts, I was even one foreigner ordered portrait of Nicholas 2. In search of nature, I suffered for two months, until I met a living, "Nicholas" near the nearest supermarket. I clung to his arm, said: "I will write a portrait of you." He said: "Well, if pour her a hundred grams - write". Very soon I realized that Sasha was the name of my extraordinary friend, sent me by God: But apparently not destined to me to be happy. Sasha killed Caucasians, with a knife in the back, only for his resemblance to the last Russian emperor.

- Does a woman like you are now alone?

- Who is the man next to me, I know thirty years, he is my good friend, knew Sasha, often visited our home. Volodya - oceanographer, with all sorts of academic degrees, with a thick beard and professorial very strict eye. When Sasha was killed, I was in despair. Volodya moved me to live. In that fateful night I was returning home from a friend, a little longer than the situation of detainees in the car. Sasha was waiting for me in the yard. If I came back a little earlier, disaster would not have happened. I even to the grave to him I can not go, do not go up.

- Oh you say as a femme fatale, what`s your mysterious "decoy" that you lure men?

- Maybe it`s in my independence. I`ve never clung to the men, they do not like when their hold on a leash and do not want to be at liberty to depart. Frankly, I myself do not understand why they are drawn to me, especially now, when I am no longer young. Imagine now call Volodya`s friends and express unequivocal offer: A few days ago with me in a taxi there was an incredible story. The driver - a young man, instead of having to take the money demanded of intimate relationships. He just came at me, I barely managed to jump out of the car. Yeah, a femme fatale!

- On each of his man you speak love. Is it possible to love so much, maybe you are a little careless attitude to this serious sense?

- I`ve only just thought: But I did not love anybody. Fascinated - yes, physical attraction felt: but not love. I think that in my life I really loved only one man - the Christ.