Valentina Dmitrieva

Picture of Valentina Dmitrieva

Date of Birth: 12/25/1927

Age: 84

Place of birth: Kazan

Citizenship: Russia


Born December 25, 1927 in Kazan.

In 1945 he enrolled in the opened Korean branch of the Moscow Institute of Oriental Studies. In 1948-1949 she studied at the University of Pyongyang in North Korea. In 1950 she graduated from the IVI, in 1955 - postgraduate IVI. In 1950-1954 she taught Korean language at IVI.

C 1954 worked as a teacher of Korean language at MGIMO. Since 1963 - the senior lecturer, since 1968 - Associate Professor, since 1996 - professorMGIMO. Since 2006 - Honorary Professor of Moscow State Institute. Professor of the Department of World Politics and International Relations, Russian State Humanitarian University.

Repeatedly traveled to North Korea on training in the Soviet Embassy, ??to work as a translator in scientific missions.

In the Republic of Korea he worked in 1992-1993 Associate Professor of Russian language Hanguk University in Seoul, in 1994-1995 - a teacher of Russian language in the college town of Osan.

Since 1964 - Candidate of Philology (dissertation "bail in modern literary Korean language").

Area Teach interests - grammar, methods of teaching Korean language, translation from Korean into Russian, Korean culture.

Author of more than 80 works, including 20 textbooks and teaching aids for the Korean language.

She was awarded the Order of Red Banner of Labor (1984), medal "Veteran of Labor" (1984), "In memory of the 850th anniversary of Moscow", "Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation 200 Years" (2002), "Moscow State Institute of Merit" (2004), Honorary Diploma of the President of the Republic Korea and the badge for outstanding achievements in the study of the Korean language (2001). The winner of the Korea Science Foundation Tonsun Prize for his contribution to the study and teaching of the Korean language (2002), prize winner of the grant program "Gratitude teachers" (2004).

He died on January 1, 2012 in Moscow.