Valentin Berejkov

Picture of Valentin Berejkov

Date of Birth: 07/02/1916

Age: 83

Place of birth: Saint Petersburg

Citizenship: Russia


Later he worked as Interpreter in the Commissariat in AI Mikoyan, and from there was transferred to the People`s Commissariat for Foreign Affairs at the beginning of the VM Molotov. In 1940, he took part in the negotiations of the Soviet government delegation headed by VM Molotov in Berlin. In December of the same year he was appointed First Secretary of the Embassy of the USSR in Germany.

After June 22, 1941 Berazhkou returned to Moscow, he worked in the central office of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs with the rank of counselor. He participated in many important negotiations Stalin and Molotov with the leaders and by the representative of the United Kingdom and the United States. Member of the Tehran conference of the heads of the Great Powers (1943) and a conference at the Villa Dumbarton Oaks (Washington, 1944), where representatives of the USSR, SITA UK and China prepared proposals, which formed the basis for the future in the United Nations Charter.

At the end of 1944 Berezhkova withdrew from the Foreign Ministry and translated into journalistic work in the weekly "New Times", due to the fact that his parents, who were in occupation of Kiev by the NKVD data, were in the West. Berazhkou, who believed that he was then very lucky, writes: "... I mentally had sent its appreciation Mo lots. It is not often stood up for anyone. It is easy to put his visa on the condemned list. The initials "VM" - Vyacheslav Molotov - were often accompanied by a visa "VM", which had a sinister meaning: "the highest measure", ie shooting before me four assistant Molotov killed: three were shot in the dungeons of the NKVD... fourth, unable to bear the torture, rushed into the elevator shaft at the Lubyanka. Molotov of them stood up. But I for some reason he decided to save even giving instruction for the future. I think that he also agreed with Stalin that the under decision about my transfer to the magazine`s signature "leader." This, apparently, and blocked the road Beria`s "investigation" "(Berazhkou VM How I became an interpreter of Stalin. M., 1993. S. 358).

Later V. Berazhkou was appointed chief editor of "USA: economics, politics, ideology." From 1992 he worked at the Monterey Institute of International Studies in California.

Berazhkou was married twice; first wife - Galina - has two sons by his second wife - Valerie Mikhailovna (born in 1937). - In 1966 born son Andrew.

Berazhkou awarded the Order of the Red Star, and medals of Friendship of Peoples. Member of the Writers` Union since 1974 Candidate of historical sciences. The winner of the Union of Journalists Prize. Vaclav Thieves (1976). The author of the following books of memoirs: "From a diplomatic mission to Berlin of 1940-1941." (Wiley, 1967), "Tehran 1943: The Conference of the Big Three, and on the sidelines" (Wiley, 1968), "The years of diplomatic service" (Moscow, 1972), "The Birth of the coalition" (Wiley, 1975), "The road to Potsdam" (Wiley, 1975), "diplomatic history Pages" (Wiley, 1982), and numerous articles and essays, including including: "Stalin and Roosevelt" (Motherland 1992.