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New Adventures Pearl Ensign

Initially, the name Pearl Ensign masses was not known; attention to himself a police officer drew, shouting obscene remarks against the protesters and hit one of them on the head with a truncheon. The incident left unnoticed - a number of prominent Russian bloggers decided to make the most well-publicized incident. It was during this period Boyko and received from the inhabitants of Runet nickname `Pearl praporschik` - on the arm of his keen users saw pearl bracelet (later turned out to be a regular plastic rosary).

Obtaining data for identification of the ensign, alas, not enough. Some actively exaggerated theory that Pearl Ensign is in Internal Forces of Russia; later, however, officials of the Ministry of Interior denied this theory.

24 avgustaneky journalistic sources reported that the police have calculated the ensign, and that he has already received a reprimand for what he did. August 25 against the ensign was a criminal case; man accused of abuse of power and violence. September 1, 2010-th Pearl Ensign voluntarily surrendered to the prosecutor`s office; Vadim Boyko victim to the attacker identified, but already the day after the prosecution service check with Boyko removed. September 9, however, Boyko presented the new charge.

A week later, on September 15, Pearl Ensign himself became a victim of the unknown; September 20 a man was hospitalized - as it turned out later, the attackers` nagradili` Boyko traumatic brain injury and concussion. November 2 attacked by unknown Boyko lawyer Alexander Eroshenko; Eroshenko later officially refused to act as advocate unpopular among the broad masses of the accused.

In the process, it became clear that the incident at the Gostiny Dvor, maybe not the first `podvig` Vadim Boyko. According to the former deputy Sergei Gulyaev, another 2 February 2008 Boyko was involved in the dispersal of unauthorized rally in St. Petersburg - and, among other things, quite cruelly dealt with the one of the protesters.

26 December 2011 the first final judgment was handed down in the case of Pearl Ensign; Boyko was sentenced 3.5 year suspended sentence and probation for 2 years.

on May 11 2013, Vadim Boyko once again did not get along with the existing legislation; This time, however, his actions was seen not the slightest hint of an attempt at least to some extent to comply with the law. Previous Boyko evening spent in a certain cheburek St. Petersburg; the next morning the man discovered that somewhere lost hours. Boyko decided that the clock is left in cheburek - and decided to bring them back, his statement arguing with firearms. Back at the cafe with a shotgun, he began to implement his plan in life. There were, however, no casualties - just hit the ceiling places where the gun went off when Boyko fight with one of the employees. After the shot Vadim continued to demand his watch - already operating with only some words; for this exciting experience and it was caught by police.

At this time his guilt Vadim Boyko admits fully to the crime and, in his own words, sincerely repents. It is difficult to say how repentance will help him - Boyko probationary period has not yet expired formally, so to answer for their actions, former Ensign can to the fullest extent of the law.