Vadim Belov

Picture of Vadim Belov

Date of Birth: 04/21/1940

Age: 76

Place of birth: Kuibyshev (now Samara)

Citizenship: Russia


Born April 21, 1940 in Kuibyshev (now Samara).

The father - Gennady A. (1917 g.rozhd.). Mother - Seraphim Filip (1918 g.rozhd.). The daughters: Elizabeth (1968 g.rozhd.) And Anastasia (1974 g.rozhd.). Both have a degree.

He graduated from the Moscow Higher Technical School. Bauman (Bauman them. Bauman) on a specialty "items and the automatic control system" (1963) and graduate (1970).

Start of production activities related to space and nuclear industry. In Kaliningrad Mechanical Plant (1963-1966 gg.) Dealt with problems of docking space objects, is also influenced by the impact of radiation on the electronic equipment. Working with the Ministry of Medium Machine Building (1966-1968 gg.), Carried out a number of coaching businesses, including the Kurchatov Institute.

Since 1968, the technical systems control passes to the study of the socio-economic aspects of management in the industrial sector. After finishing graduate school (1968-1970 gg.) And Ph.D. thesis deals with the problems of mechanization and automation of administrative work, as well as the development of automated systems management in various sectors of the economy (Institute office, 1970-1971, 1974-1978.; State Committee science and technology, 1971-1974 gg.).

In the same period, led the project organization and mechanization of labor in Gosplan RSFSR, the Ministry of Instrumentation, Ulyanovsk mezhkolhozstroyobedinenii, the Moscow Soviet, the Moscow tire plant and a number of other organizations.

After an active participation in the Olympic Games of 1980 in Moscow moves to a teaching job at the Moscow Higher Party School. As one of the leaders of the department "Economics and organization of industrial production and construction," Develop and maintain the course "Production Management" and is headed by author teams for the preparation and development of several educational and scientific papers on a wide range of managerial problems. Total has published more than 100nauchnyh work. The most important are his monograph "Fundamentals of scientific management of the economy", "The system works with human resource management", "Management and public relations"; "Glossary of social technologies." On the basis of this work will prepare and defended his doctoral thesis.

In 1990 he was appointed first deputy director of the Institute of Economics and Management in Moscow, and then the director of the publishing house of the Academy of Social Sciences of the Central Committee of the CPSU (afterwards - publishing "Ray"). Publishing house specialized in the production of scientific-methodical and scientific literature. Among the authors of such well-known scientists and politicians as L.I.Abalkin, R.G.Abdulatipov, S.S.Andreev, R.A.Belousov, B.N.Bessonov, K.I.Varlamov, A.S.Dzasohov , V.B.Zotov, V.G.Smolkov, Zh.T.Toschenko, composer M. Tanic, V.F.Halipov, S.M.Shahray, V.M.Shepel and others.

From 1993 he begins to seriously cooperate with the business community, and in 1995 transferred to a permanent job in the Business Council at the Mayor and the Moscow Government nadolzhnost responsible secretary of the Board. In 1996, the Foundation "Moscow businessman" Council established, whose president is elected V.G.Belov.

Along with the work of the Council of Entrepreneurs is active scientific and pedagogical activity. He is the Vice-President of the two academies, an active member of several academies, finance and law. Prepares for publication fundamental work on control systems.

It is very active. The head of the Commission on Science Moscow Chamber of Commerce, is an assistant governor of the Sakhalin region, as well as a member of the Coordinating Council of Business Roundtable Russia.

Among main hobbies believes chess, memoir literature, theater and travel. In 1989 he headed the team of the USSR chess players at the European Championship in Israel, who confidently took the first place. Also led the national team players in the friendly match in Portugal on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the discovery A.Alekhine and his memorial plaque.