Vaclav Havel

Picture of Vaclav Havel

Date of Birth: 05/10/1936

Age: 75

Place of birth: Prague

Citizenship: Czech Republic


Vaclav Havel was born October 5, 1936 in one of Prague`s most famous families. Already his praprapradeda mentioned in the chronicles: it was a miller and a very respected person in the city. Representatives of future generations multiplied the family situation and gave their children an excellent education.

After graduating from high school in 1954, Havel exams in FAMU (Academy of Film and Music), but failed. Not finding anything better, he entered the Czech Technical University (specialty - transport economics).

In 1957 Havel tries to go to another school, but he did not succeed. Then - the army. Military service, he held a sapper in Ceske Budejovice, organizes theatrical group, which plays itself; In addition, in collaboration with Karel Bryndoy writing a highly politicized play about military honor "Life ahead".

In 1959 Havel writes a one-act play ( "Family Night") and resumes studies in theatrical criticism and theory. He publishes articles in magazines "Divadlo" ( "Theatre"), "Kultura". From art critic grows politicized publicist and essayist with a very wide range of interests.

During the period of the "Prague Spring" in 1968 chairman of the "Club of Independent Writers." Later, one of the leaders of the human rights movement in the country. Repeatedly he has been imprisoned.

After calling Havel (19 November 1989) and on his initiative there "Civil Movement"; Havel as its leader becomes the only viable candidate for president, and 29 December 1989 he was elected to this post.

After his election to a second presidential term (5 July 1990), Vaclav Havel was still all living myth, charmingly awkward symbol of the revolution, humane and tolerant. During his reign lyuboylezheboka could feel - as compared with the president - a brave revolutionary. Sympathy for the president began to decrease in 1992, when there was a process of separation of Czechoslovakia into two states; July 20, 1992, Havel resigned.

Before the elections of 1996, the new party apparatus was in a delusion that Havel - a harmless dreamer of the Castle, a harmless dummy. The determination with which then behaved Vaclav Havel before the election, putting at stake almost everything, and the results of elections January 20, 1998, no one left no doubt that now lies in the balance.