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The former director of the World Bank

Uri Dadush (Uri Dadush) - economist, one of the highest ranks of the project `Carnegie Endowment for International Peace`, director of the program` International Economics Program`. It specializes in various aspects of the global economy in general and on the development of the crisis in the euro zone in particular.

Uri Education received in the walls of the English College, Seaford (Seaford College), the Jewish Institute of Jerusalem (Hebrew University of Jerusalem) and Harvard University (Harvard University). In Jerusalem Dadush received his BA in Economics and International Relations and a Master of Economics at Harvard - a doctorate in economics.

Eschedo entering the project `Carnegie Endowment for International Peace` Dadush had to change a number of public and private organizations; Uri positions held very different, however, contribute to the activities of related companies he brought consistently high. Among the private companies that cooperated Dadush, special mention should be made `Economist Intelligence Unit and Business International` (subdivision` Economist Group`) - there Dadush in the period from 1986 to 1992, the first held the position of CEO and President.

From 1982 to 1986-th Dadush served as vice president for international affairs at the company `Data Resources Inc` -nyne known as` Global Insight`; in addition, for some time he worked as a consultant of European division `McKinsey and Co`. Among Dadush achievements in the public sector of particular note of his work at the World Bank - first as director of Economic Policy and then as Director of International Trade.

Uri Dadush also worked as the director of the international banking group, leading the process of preparing for the publication of a number of key reports on the state of the world economy over the past 11 years.

The main activities Dadush considered international economy, the euro area economy and the history of the development of the crisis in European countries. Uri is also quite actively involved in the problems of developing countries - the analysis of financial flows, trade, migration and related aspects of international economic policy, control and oversee the activity. Uri Dadush is the author of several major books and records; Among the most famous of his works to be mentioned `Inequality in America: Facts, Trends and International Perspective` of 2012,` Juggernaut: How Emerging Markets Are Reshaping Globalization` of 2011, `Currency Wars` 2011 and` Paradigm Lost: The Euro in Crisis`-2010.

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