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The creators of this group are two residents of a Chicago suburb : Nash Kato (Nathan Katruud) and Eddie " King" Roser. The name for their joint project ,appeared in 1985, they borrowed from the song "Parliament" of the group.

The first drummer "Urge overkill" was Jack Watt, but he stayed in the team for long and started leapfrog drummers, which lasted several years. The first attempt at writing studio became EP 1986 "Strange, I. ..".This was followed by a contract with the "Touch and Go Records" and the single exit "Lineman". I produced this work former neighbor Nash Steve Albini. This same guy a hand and to the band`s debut album.

Despite the fancy name, "Jesus Urge Superstar" drew the attention of the public creativity. Apparentlylisteners liked borrowing "Urge overkill" noise -rock aesthetics inherent and other pets "Touch and Go". The second album, "Americruiser", was recorded under the direction of Butch Vig.

Urge overkillV result sound somewhat improved, and the band has its first (albeit not very significant) hit "Ticket to L.A.". This composition ,published a single, it was popular on college radio. Before their third release "Urge overkill" finally got a permanent drummer, who became Blackie Onassis (Johnny Rowan) . With his appearance was the sound of the band is a fusion of stadium rock and punk influences with "Rolling stones". And changed the image of the musicians ,Now try to look respectable, why they got into the maroon velvet jacket, and fastened on his neck a gold medallion.

The album "The Supersonic Storybook", recorded renewed composition brought the team good feedback and the opportunity to speak at the opening act for "Nirvana". The latest release on the "Touch and Go" was the EP "Stull",error status: 400the band made its debut at the new location with the album "Saturation". Although the release was a positive response (which really had reason to) , only one song, "Sister Havana", has managed to get enough time broadcasting. In addition, many fans have turned away from the group because of its low combined with the image of the underground. Short-term success of the team caught when Quentin Tarantino included their version of Neil Diamond`s "Girl, you`ll be a woman soon" in his cult film "Pulp fiction".

It seemed that the group will now have good luck, but this did not happen, and released with a delay of the album "Exit the Dragon" called in listeners conflicting emotions. The tour in support of it was crumpled, and the press kept a deathly silence. By the end of 1996, increased friction between Nash and Roser, that led to the departure of the latter. Kato and Onassis for a while still trying to stay afloat, but in the end, the project fell apart.

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